101-Year-Old Man Who Survived Spanish Flu Pandemic Recovers From the Coronavirus

Joining a 95 year old Italian Grandmother who survived COVID-19 is 101 year old “Mr. P”, who has just beat COVID-19 in Italy. Remarkably, he also survived the Spanish flu, another great pandemic which killed nearly 50 million people. This is a great story of hope that comes in stark contrast to the dark stories circulating media outlets every day.

101 year old Mr. P tested positive and was admitted to Infirmi Hospital in Italy last week, but has now made a miraculously full recovery. On Mr. P’s case, mayor Gloria Lisi said,

“Given the progress of the virus, it could not even be called a ‘story like many’ if it were not for a detail that makes the life of the person returned to their loved ones truly extraordinary.

Mr. P., from Rimini, was born in 1919, in the midst of another tragic world pandemic. He saw everything, hunger, pain, progress, crisis and resurrections. Once over the 100-year-old barrier, fate has put this new challenge before him, invisible and terrible at the same time. Last week, Mr. P. was hospitalized in Rimini after testing positive for COVID-19. In a few days, it became ‘history’ for doctors, nurses, and the rest of the healthcare personnel who treated him.

A hope for the future finds itself in the body of a person over a century old, as the sad chronicles of these weeks mechanically tell every day of a virus that is raging especially on the elderly.Yet, Mr. P. made it. The family brought him home yesterday evening, to teach us that even at 101-years-old, the future has yet to be written.”

This is a remarkable story of hope that stands in stark contrast to mainstream media’s typical representation of elderly folks as particularly susceptible to catching and dying from the virus. However, the narrative in the media has begun to shift over the past few weeks as there have been many positive cases and even deaths among young people who catch the virus. Government officials are calling the young population (who are often asymptomatic) to stay at home and do their part, but also telling them that they themselves are in danger. It is no longer a danger to just the older population, but millennials and Gen Z as well. This serves as a harsh wakeup call for some, as we have seen several deaths among those under 25 in the past few weeks.

It also reminds us to thank our medical professionals who are working around the clock and doing everything they can for every patient. Nobody is a lost cause, and our hospital staff deserve our utmost thanks and praise to make sure that as many people as possible are able to return to their families, no matter their age.

Another happy story to come out of this whole mess, is the 95 year old woman who has also recovered from the virus:

Grandmother, Age 95, Becomes Oldest Woman in Italy to Recover From Coronavirus

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