12,000+ People Sign Petition To Ban Giraffe Heart Trophy Hunter From Facebook

Animal lovers are known to be very vocal with their voices when it comes to protecting animal rights and preservation.

From domesticated animals to wildlife breeds, people have been actively serving in animal rights support groups. From ordinary people up to recognized people of the society, people have rallied several times to protect the rights of these animals.

As popular as animal life preservation are the community of people who are joined together by one passion – hunting.

Ever since animal rights activists and wildlife hunters are known to be people living in the different poles of idea and concept when it comes to animal preservation.

In the recent event, one Trophy Hunter has made a huge clamor among animal rights groups after posting a picture holding the heart of a giraffe that she hunted and shot dead. It is too controversial that people started making an online signed petition for Famous to take action against the person.

Merelize Van Der Merwe, a Trophy Hunter, from South Africa is the center of controversy after offending numerous people around the world after her recent post on her official Facebook. As she shared a photo of herself holding a giraffe’s heart who is apparently an animal that she hunted in the wild causing severe feeling of disgust among animal lovers.
















It was then revealed that Merelize Van De Merwe cut out the heart of the giraffe as a form of Trophy!

Which as expected,  was truly sickening especially to those who are active members of the animal life preservation group.

In her Facebook post, dated last February 14, 2021, she seems to be ecstatic while holding the heart up high. The hunt was said to be arranged by her husband over a weekend valentine’s date.  In her caption, she said, “I’m over the moon with my BIG valentines present!!!” that repulsed an angry mass of people.

trophy hunter posted photo of a dead giraffe's heart

(c) Merelize van der Merwe | Photos were blurred out for graphic protection purposes













Despite the numerous hateful comments, the proud trophy hunter seems to show no remorse or any regret for her actions.  Even so, she seemed to be please as she defended her actions and has zero regrets about killing the 17-year-old giraffe in the wild.

In her interview with the  Mirror, Merelize said that the hunting has caused more good despite what the disgusted crowd thinks. She claimed that the kill has opened up work for 11 individuals and has provided “meat” for the local community.

She was also very vocal during the interview with lashing about the animal rights group who are coming after her from the controversial Facebook post stating that she doesn’t respect them and generally looks at them as ” the mafia.”

If you visit her Facebook, you can definitely tell that she equally despise animal rights groups and doesn’t seem to care whether she offends them or not.

Her action and attitude has caused a massive surge of hate and heat over social media users.

One social media user posted in a Twitter account, pictures of Van Der Merwe with caption saying, “There are so disgusting people in the world”

As a result of this controversy, animal lovers are intensely campaigning to have Van Der Merwe’s Facebook page be taken down or banned permanently. In the campaign organized at Change.org, the petition has accumulated more than 12,000 signatures as support.

The petition states:

Merelize van der Merwe (@Merelizevdm) has 80,600 likes and 97,700 followers on Facebook.

On her “public figure” page, this monster shares images of the endangered species she massacres. Amongst them are giraffes, elephants and leopards.

She also shares imagery and videos of herself covered in blood, of dead children and her and her fellow barbarians chopping up their victims.

Why does Facebook, a supposed site with family values, allow this? Instead, they should do the decent thing: Ban her.


Van der Merwe is aware of this petition and seems to be giving no worries about what has happened.

Currently, there is no definite assurance whether what action Facebook will take (or if there is) upon this petition.

We will be left wondering where this fight will end. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.