2-Year Old Child Dies After Suffering Extreme Burns When Parents Plunged Her Into Boiling Hot Bath Water

They said “Parents love is the most unconditional love we could ever have in the world,” and it’s true.

Most people would think about their parents who tried their best to provide the best life that they can give to their young ones.

Rich or poor, they are the ones who made sure that their children have all the opportunities they can have especially if they haven’t experienced it for themselves.

In many ways, parents’ love is by far a great kind of love that makes a child feel secure. 

But it’s not always the case. 

Sometimes, some parents might have lost the memo about being good, and being the first protector of their child.

Neglect and selfishness are what keeps some parents delusion that gives them a different sense and understanding of the word “to protect and nurture.”

We’ve heard a lot of heartbreaking stories about neglect, but the case of the innocent girl named Maddilyn-Rose was beyond tragic.

In the May of 2017, the lifeless body of the then 2-year old child Maddilyn-Rose Strokes was discovered by paramedics lying unconscious at their own house at Northgate in Queensland. 

 She was found with severe burns as her lifeless body laid flat on the floor. 

It was discovered that the event that led to her death happened five days prior to the authorities discovering the body of the innocent child. 

Reports said that on May 20, 2017, Maddilyn-Rose’s parents Shane David Strokes, 33, and Nicole Betty Moore, 26, ruthlessly plunged their own daughter into boiling hot water as a punishment for soiling her nappy. 

We could all just imagine how painful it must have been for the poor child to be plunged into boiling water just for doing something that is expected for a 2-year-old child!

Poor thing!

Instead of seeking immediate help for their child to provide relief and medical assistance to Maddilyn, her parents chose to hide her in their home for five days. 

The parents decided that it’s “best” to let poor Maddilyn suffer in pain than going to a hospital as they fear having any intervention with the Department of Child Safety Services since Maddilyn was already prior to her death for malnutrition. 

For five days, the poor child has suffered pain beyond unbearable not just for her age but for someone who has severe burns. 

Additional police reports stated that the child’s body scalded due to the untreated burns. It was further found that the parents tried to “treat” their child’s burns while hiding her at their home. 

Evidence of blood-soaked bandages, mattresses, and soiled toilet papers was found in the home during the search conducted. 

It is pure disbelief of how these parents were able to live to the fact of seeing their child suffering in pain. 

During the investigation and active court proceedings, the then-case prosecutor Sarah Farnden said that the child must have been “in misery and pain.”

Adding that the child must have been weak and dehydrated that eventually made her delirious and led her to a cardiac arrest.


The Defense coined the parents’ behavior of the matter as blatantly “doing their incompetent best” in handling their daughter. 

To further add in the claim of neglect, it was found out that the parents have given antidepressants to their child in order to quiet her and tranquilize her while experiencing such an unfortunate ordeal.

At the case proceedings, the legal representation of the parents argued that what the parents did was not out of an act of deliberation but instead, it was fueled by their fear to have their child be taken away from them. 

Furthermore, the parent’s attorney claimed that both Strokes and Moore were in a delusion that Maddilyn will eventually get better.

However, the Queensland Supreme Court accused both parents of manslaughter and failing to seek medical attention where the parents-on-trial pleaded guilty to the act.

In the conclusion of the hearing, the father was sentenced to 11 years while the mother was sentenced to 9 years which the Judge officially denied any recommendation for early parole.