7 Telltale Signs That You’re In Relationship With A Narcissist

Do you ever feel neglected in your relationship? Are you always trying to cater to your partner’s demand?

Does it feel like you’re dating a selfish person? Are you a silent partner in your relationship?

Well, there’s a chance that all your feelings might be accurate. Here are seven telltale signs that you’re dating a narcissist.

(1) You Don’t Get To Pick ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’:

What movie to watch? Where to eat? Where to hang out? Is your partner always deciding what the two of you will do together? If this is true, then there’s a possibility that your partner has narcissistic traits.

These people always want everything to be how they want it to be. They don’t like compromising on their choices or trying out activities suggested by others, including their partner. Remember, a relationship is supposed to be 50-50, both of you are supposed to make these decisions together.

(2) They’re Over Sensitive:

Emotions are what make us human, they’re a major part of our personality. However, if your partner gets overly sensitive the minute something doesn’t go their way, then that might be a problem. We should all have the ability to control our emotions and get over them. If your partner tends to hold on to things longer than ‘normal’, you might as well be dating a narcissist.

(3) They Need To Be Praised Constantly:

It’s a nice feeling to have your partner praise you for your accomplishments, some people, however, need to be praised constantly. They want to be appreciated in words for every single thing they ever do, even if it’s as much as making you a cup of coffee after a long day. Such people will eventually drain you because no one can continuously glorify everyday activities.

(4) They Are Mean:

Not only are these people completely and utterly obsessed with themselves, but they’re also mean to others. They find satisfaction by being mean to others. They love to belittle as many people as they can. The next time you’re out on a date, observe how your partner treats the valet, the waiter or the cleaning staff at their house. How they behave with these people says a lot about their personality.

(5) They Have Unhealthy Boundaries:

These people have established in their head that they’re allowed to set boundaries for everyone around them. They do not respect their partner’s wishes and keep pressing the other person to agree to what they want. Such a lack of respect towards another person’s privacy can make them very harmful, not just as romantic partners, but as humans too. If your partner exhibits such disrespect towards your boundaries too, please do not stay silent about it, you would not only suffer but you’ll also be wrong to let them practice this behaviour.

(6) They Keep Exploiting Others:

Narcissists have taken it upon themselves to exploit as many people in their lifetime as they can. They will never leave a chance to exploit or tell off any person that they can. The worst part is they’ll not even feel guilty about it. They actually derive happiness from such activities. If you see your partner exploiting other people often, explain them not to do it. If the behaviour persists, you’ll know what you have to do.

(7) They Lack Empathy:

The biggest hole in the life of a narcissist is caused by their lack of empathy. These people do not have the ability to imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes and be kind to them. Every problem in another person’s life is an opportunity for such people to brag about their own. They will not leave a single chance to make another person feel bad and put themselves above another being.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a real illness and should not be treated as a joke. If you see your partner demonstrating any of these signs, please make sure you help them. Consult a professional. These people are not only detrimental to themselves but also those around them. Such behaviour will never give birth to flourishing mental health. Stay cautious and on the look for such behaviour.