70-Year-Old Grandmother Wants to Breastfeed Her Grandchild So She Can Develop A “Stronger Bond”

As far as Mother-in-law to Daughter-in-law relationship goes, occasional spats and misunderstandings are inevitable.

It has become so much of a norm that wives are now advised to tread carefully,

even if it means taking in all sorts of bullsh*t at the detriment of their mental health,

just to see that peace prevails in their marriage.

Would you say the same to a mother of three whose mother-in-law has requested that she allows her to breastfeed her new-born grandchild so as to form a stronger bond with him?

As weird as this seems, there is even more to the story, and it’s shocking!

The mother of three had earlier taken to JUSTNOMIL SubReddit to vent her frustrations in a post that has now been taken down.

In the post, which was ladened with vulgarity, the woman described her mother-in-law as “gross” and “s**ks in general”. She admitted, however, that before it all came down to this, she and her MIL hadn’t been getting along too well.

But, do you know what’s even crazier?

MIL further proposed to her sister-in-law to help her breastfeed her own baby as well, a baby who hasn’t even been birthed yet. But, on her own part, the sister-in-law denied grandma’s request, and that was it!

No negotiating terms or even discussing it any further.

Source: Reddit

“As enmeshed and f***ed up as SIL and JNMIL relationship is, I won’t be surprised if they eventually decide to make the baby’s arrival as bizarre as possible,” wrote the mother of three.

Why does Mother-in-law want to breastfeed her grandchild all of a sudden?

“She had read about some cultures wherein grandmothers help people breastfeed their babies, and she wants to give it a shot too,” said the mother of three in her post which reeked of frustration and anger (rightly so).

Further into her post, it even turned out grandma wants her daughter-in-law to teach her how to breastfeed, giving excuses that she didn’t succeed at breastfeeding when her own children were growing and that, since her daughter-in-law, has breastfed three kids successfully, her help would come in handy.

“Although we haven’t had the best of relationships, this has heightened the animosity between us.

She has started getting at me, stressing that she doesn’t want there to be an imbalance in the bond she forms with her grandchildren and that, since my baby is already here, she would like to start practicing breastfeeding with him.”

As if that wasn’t enough, grandma also wants the breastfeeding of the woman and her sister-in-law’s babies to be simultaneous, and she even wants to have them overnight and during extended visits.

“Even if everyone else were cool with my mother-in-law sticking her t*t** in the babies’ mouths, how on earth is she planning to look after two new-borns? She’s 70 for crying out loud!”

“This woman is delusional in a special kind of way, so we are discarding this whole idea,” she added.

“I recently told her that, if lactation is why she’s all worked up, she should go see a doctor, but there is no way on earth I’m allowing her breastfeed my baby.

I can’t even stand her guts anymore, especially with this entitlement mentality,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, a lot of Reddit users have concurred with the woman’s stance and have advised her not to allow the Mother-in-law get anywhere near the baby.

In the same vein, another person explained that cultures with this practise are for a certain type of Grandmas, not a 70-year-old with no experience.

Source: Reddit

Also, another Reddit user has suggested that she call the police on her if she ever gets anywhere near the baby and that she should get a restraining order before everything turns out an assault.

If you were in this woman’s shoes, how would you handle this bizarre desire from your mother-in-law?

And if it were your mother who was making such demands?

How would you make her jettison the idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.