A different kind of intimacy

7 Subtle Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Being in love is probably one of the most soothing feelings to ever exist. Everything is butterflies in the stomach, roses in the air, sparks in the sky and songs in the heart. It is beyond metaphors.

A truly indescribable emotion. However, there’s one tiny little thing that can ruin this otherwise completely wonderful emotion, and that is doubt. When you’re unsure about the fact that your partner is the one for you, when you keep overthinking where the relationship is going, all of that doubt is very harmful to a bond.

How amazing it’d be to get a crystal clear sign when you find your soulmate, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, there isn’t. To our good luck, there are a few subtle signs that can help us find ’the one’. Read on to find out what they are.

(1) They Prioritize You:

Your soulmate will become one of the most selfless people you’ve ever met because honestly, there would rarely be any instance where they put anything else above you.

They treat you like you’ve never been treated before, with all the love, respect and support. They’re going to put you above everything they can, and as an ideal partner, that is expected from your end too.

(2) They Build You:

Your true soulmate wants nothing more than to see you grow, they treat your success as their own. They want to build you and build themselves with you.

Your soulmate is your number one supporter. If you notice your partner always supporting you, encouraging you, cheering for your decisions, celebrating all your victories, big or small, then congratulations, you may have found your perfect partner.

(3) They Love & Respect Your People:

This person is not only going to love and respect you immensely but also the people you love.

Your parents, your siblings, your pets, they’re going to show the same love for them that you do and maybe even more. They’ll value the people you value.

(4) They Admire You:

Your soulmate is going to be in awe of you. They’ll admire you, not just romantically but in every other sense too.

They’ll admire your work ethic, your grace, how you deal with things, how you talk, how you present yourself, how you dress, in fact they’ll admire how you make mistakes too.

Of course, a true soulmate would still be able to come up to you and tell you when you’re wrong, and when you aren’t doing a certain thing right. They will, however, hold you in very high regards at all times, make sure you live up to it.

(5) They’ll Scold You:

When you find your soulmate, that person will possess a lot of authority over you and vice versa. They will never hesitate to call you out when you’re down the wrong path. They might even scold you or end up having fights with you.

Although, this is very difficult to be differentiated from toxicity where your partner is trying to dominate all your life decisions.

There’s a very thin line between scolding you for your good and engaging in a toxic cycle of dominance, be on the lookout for it. In the first case, celebrate, in the latter, run!

(6) They Recognize You:

Speaking of toxic relations, it is very easy to be under appreciated when you’re in one, in fact, it becomes a practice.

When you find your soulmate, however, they’ll give you so much appreciation. Your soulmate will recognize and value the smallest of things you’ve done for them.

For instance, in a toxic relationship, if you bring your partner a cup of coffee at work, they’ll complain about you disturbing them as well as not having brought them the right coffee.

With your soulmate, bringing them a cup of coffee is going to have them smiling the entire day and they’ll thank you another time before going to bed. Know you’re worth and engage in relationships that do too.

(7) They Trust You:

Loyalty is the MOST crucial aspect of every relationship on this planet. Two people who are genuinely in love with each other are going to be so loyal to each other.

However, one person being loyal isn’t enough, the other person needs to be able to trust them too. If your partner trusts you, your decisions, isn’t being overly obsessive with who you’re going out with and why then there’s a good chance you’ve met your soulmate.

If you find these signs in your partner as well, I’m really – happy for you!