5 Signs You’re About To Meet Your Soulmate

It’s not that you’re unhappy single.

It’s that you are ready to share these experiences and life events with somebody long term.

As fun as the dating world can be, the allure of settling down and creating a life in cohesion with somebody else is calling you.

Through some chapters of our lives, it’s crucial to be single.

With a full focus on yourself, you can achieve every goal you have and build a life around what works best for you.

We can focus so whole heartedly on ourselves, that our lives revolve around only our desires and needs.


This is usually when your soul mate comes into the picture.

It’s not when you’re turning every corner and lifting every stone to find them.

It’s not when you are down, feeling sad and lonely.

It happens when you are head over heels in love with yourself and the life you are creating.

This is the chapter of your life where your soulmate walks in, whisks you off your feet and you live happily ever after.

Is it about to happen to you?

Here are the five signs you are about to meet your soulmate.

You love your career.

Who are you attracted to?

The man who complains about his job but continues to work there anyway or the one who is passionate about his career endeavors?

The same is reflected in you.

You are your most confident when you are in love with your job and the 40 hours a week that you put into it.

This confidence creates an attraction that few can resist.

As you focus on your career and growing your personal empire, the chances you bump into somebody on the same path are high.

You have balance.

Gym routine, check. Me time, check. Career, check.

It takes practice, trial and error to find the perfect work, life and relationship balance.

Creating the perfect balance between your relationships with family and friends, yourself and your job isn’t easy.

It can take months or years to find the perfect percentage of each that makes you thrive.

Once you’ve found it, you settle into this healthy routine and find that you are rarely overwhelmed and always content.

This energy radiates from you and intrigues those around you.

While your days are spent harmonizing with your inner balance, the right person will become interested in your peaceful vibe.

You prioritize what is best for you and the people you love.

Your daily priority is making yourself and those around you happy, in the healthiest way possible.

You have a close group of friends and good relationships with family members.

It’s this chapter of your life where your relationships are thriving and you can maintain others happiness as well as your own.

You prioritizing what is the most important to you, shows others that you are committed to yourself and the people around you.

This commitment is the key to an emotionally healthy person and somebody who isn’t going to waste their time with the wrong suitor.

Only somebody just as committed and happy is going to try to make a place for themselves in your life, and chances are they’ll be the special one.

Love is not in the air.

Think back to past relationships.

Most of them ignited when you least expected it.

Why do relationships tend to begin when we are most focused on the opposite?

When your intentions are on yourself, friends, family and job, your time is filled differently.

You spend time around your friend’s friends, your family’s friends and your colleague’s friends.

You meet more people than normal and because you’re so focused on yourself you become extremely attractive.

People are attracted to individuals who have themselves and their lives figured out.

They know what they are doing and where they are going and don’t need another person to help them get there.

They are focused on their journey and this is hard to turn away from.

You’re in love with yourself more than anybody else.

You can’t love somebody else if you don’t love yourself.

When you are fully in love with yourself, there is a found confidence that radiates in your every day activities.

Spending time alone is enjoyable and refreshing for you.

Since you’re consistently checking in with yourself, supporting yourself and giving yourself the encouragement you need you become an individual who thrives on their own.

This thriving leads you to grow intellectually and emotionally and upgrades your life.

This is when you can meet somebody on the same path of their journey and unite to create a power force.

When each of you is so fully in love with themselves that they are able to give selflessly, generously and affectionately, love sparks.

You don’t have to wait until all five of these signs align and everything in your life is perfectly set.

Your soul mate will come when it is the right moment.

Looking at these signs as goals will bring you closer to meeting the right person.

When you embody the person you are looking for, you become the individual that person would be attracted to.

Where is there space that you can grow into?

Find places within these five signs where you can focus positive energy and action into.

Putting your intention towards growing within these five parameters takes your focus away from looking for love.

And we know exactly where that can lead.