28 Parents Share The Most Absurd Reasons Their Kids Are Crying, And It’s Hilarious

When is the last time you had a good cry?

Perhaps your dog died, or you were running late to an important meeting when you spilled coffee down your white blouse (just me?), or maybe you were completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day of life and the fact that there are NO good matches on Bumble.

No matter why you cried last, chances are you had a good reason for it- a surge of emotions that built up until they had to overflow in the form of waterworks.

Turns out, kids don’t need a very good reason to cry. Not at all. Need proof? Just check out these hilariously absurd reasons that kids are crying all over the place.

One kid can’t stop crying because the golden gate bridge isn’t really golden. Another kid wanted ravioli for dinner, got ravioli for dinner, and decided that’s not what she wanted and so she cried.

While it’s never nice to laugh at someone who is crying, when you cry for reasons this silly, you better expect people to have a good chuckle about it.

1. She wanted ravioli for dinner. I made ravioli for dinner. She didn’t want ravioli for dinner.


Kids may appear to be crying for no reason but according to the experts, there’s usually a deeper issue behind the tantrum. One of these deeper issues is that your child is downright tired.

Crying only makes them more tired, building on the irrational behavior. Other signs of an overly tired child include rubbing at their eyes, having a glassy look to their eyes, or yawning a lot.

2. She found out the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually golden


Another common reason that kids cry for absurd reasons is that they are hungry. Hangry is a real thing, no matter how old you are.

Little ones who don’t talk yet can’t tell you they are hungry and so they must cry to get their message across.

So, if your child is crying over something silly, like getting on a bus that’s on TV, try offering him or her a healthy snack and see if that helps.

3. He wants to get on the bus. The bus is on the TV.


Your little one may also just be seeking some good old attention – aren’t we all sometimes?

Sometimes negative attention is better than no attention at all. If your child feels ignored, he or she may start crying just to hear you tell them to ‘stop it’.

If you know your child is having an attention fit, go ahead and ignore them until they calm down.

When your child regains their good behavior, that’s when it’s time to shower them in affection.

Make sure your child knows that bad behavior gets no attention and good behavior gets positive attention – this should help limit their fits.

4. Life is super tough when you can’t pick up the book you want because you’re sitting on it.


After your child’s tantrum comes to a close, try and talk to them to find out the real reason they were on a good one.

They might be young with a limited vocabulary, but kids are smart and insightful – far beyond what we often give them credit for.

5. He thinks this maxi pad is a sticker and he does NOT want you to take it away from him


6. We wouldn’t let him swim in the sea. He can’t swim and it’s 6 degrees.


7. The face of someone whose mom wouldn’t let him hold his own poop in his hands.


8. I wouldn’t let him eat a battery for breakfast…


9. I told her she couldn’t go inside the dishwasher


10. The daffodils are gone, and I can’t bring them back


11. But the cat’s food looks so good (and smells like Taco Bell)


12. Told her no to a bath after she just got out of a bath


13. I killed a bug in the laundry room. Apparently it was her best friend.


14. She ran out of toes to paint… insert tantrum


15. Speaking of toenails, he’d like to reattach the toenails his mother just clipped


16. I won’t let him eat trash


17. I told him he had to stop biting the cat


18. This little one wants to drink the chemicals under the sink…


19. Just give me my non-existent backpack!


20. All she wanted was a razor


21. I ‘refused’ to switch the sun off so his pumpkin could light up


22. Won’t let her throw books at my face


23. I didn’t let her run into the road


24. RIP Poop


25. We’ll call you the monster, the kite monster


26. Just wants to wear mom’s shoes, gosh darn it!


27. I wouldn’t let him pull his high chair over and die


28. We got a new microwave