12 Stunning Aerial Photos of Lavender Field in Southern France By Samir Belhamra

Self-taught photographer and graphic designer Samir Belhamra recently took a trip to Valensole, Southern France to witness the famous lavender fields first-hand.

Lucky for us, he is a talented photographer and captured breathtaking aerial photos of the beautifully blooming fields.

The fields only look like this once a year, usually between late June and early August, so there’s only a small window of time to witness the sea of purple.


Samir Belhamra

In an interview with Bored Panda, Samir explained that the flower fields were not only among the most beautiful sights in France, but also in the whole world. Simply looking at these pictures, we couldn’t agree more.


Samir Belhamra

After purchasing a drone, the photographer wanted to take the opportunity to capture the fields from above.

His photos are beyond incredible – the surreal photos almost seem too beautiful to be real! You can practically smell the flowers through your screen.


Samir Belhamra

Belhamra developed a fascination for photography about two years ago. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to work with many well-known brands and his photos have been featured in a variety of art galleries.


Samir Belhamra

Belhamra edited his photos using Lightroom for light retouching and Photoshop to capture just the right mood and tone.


Samir Belhamra

It’s not uncommon for photographers and tourists to damage the natural settings they are trying to capture on film. Belhamra said that he works hard to take nothing away from the places he photographs.

He was respectful of the farmer and his lavender field and believes that all photographers should do the same. After all, without the natural world – what would truly be worth photographing?


Samir Belhamra

Have you ever used lavender oil? It comes from English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), the most common species of lavender grown around the world.

Lavender oil is used as a perfume as well as for aromatherapy. It is believed to contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can be used on minor burns and bug bites.

In addition, researchers have found that it may help treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, and restlessness.


Samir Belhamra

A review article published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice assessed the effectiveness of Silexan, a gel capsule containing lavender-oil, on patients with anxiety disorders.

Researchers found that Silexan reduced anxiety within 2 weeks of use.

In addition, researchers found that the scent of lavender can help calm anxious dental patients. They measured the anxiety level of dental patients waiting for their exam.

Half of the patients were exposed to lavender scent and the other half were not. The patients exposed to lavender reported lower levels of anxiety than the patients who were not exposed to the fragrant scent.

While lavender was not found to impact anxiety for future dental appointments, it does offer a way to reduce anxiety in the moment.


Samir Belhamra

Some studies suggest that lavender tea may help settle digestive issues including nausea, vomiting, intestinal gas, upset stomach, and abdominal inflammation.

Lavender is also used to help treat headaches, sprains, toothaches, and sores. Some people swear that it helps with hair loss.


Samir Belhamra

Research published in 1998 found that lavender can increase hair growth by as much as 44 percent when used for seven months.

A more recent study found that applying lavender oil to the backs of mice promoted hair growth within as little as four weeks.


Samir Belhamra

Lavender essential oil, as opposed to the plant form, is toxic if ingested by mouth.



Samir Belhamra

A study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology revealed that lavender can be effective at combating anti-fungal-resistant infections. Researchers noted that lavender oil was lethal to a range of strains that can cause certain skin diseases.

It appeared to work by destroying the membranes of fungal cells.


Samir Belhamra

Watch video footage of the fields below:

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