Mystery Man Creates Most Elaborately Amazing Facebook Profile Pics

Over the last couple of weeks one mystery man has taken the Internet by storm.

It all started when a supportive friend posted his buddy’s latest collection of elaborately amazing Facebook profile pictures.

Reddit user Fender2322 posted a group of photos with the caption,

“My friend takes the absolute best Facebook profile photos.”

With that the world went wild for this unnamed guy and his delightfully creative default photos.

Chances are no matter how dedicated you are to finding the perfect Facebook default image this guy tops you! When we say ‘elaborate’ we are not kidding around.

While we don’t know who exactly he is, check out what are possibly some of the most amazing Facebook profile pictures ever…


Every week this guy changes his profile picture to something new, and he doesn’t just stick to playing himself. Instead he takes on the role of a number of different characters.

With the help of makeup, props, costumes, varied locations and a couple of good friends he is able to make each photo incredibly unique.

One week he works underground….


When is the last time you changed your Facebook profile picture?

And what qualifications do you look for when you select a new photo to showcase on the cover of your online profile?

Some people care a lot more about their Facebook profile picture than others, in fact some people will go to drastic lengths to get that perfect shot to showcase to all of their digital friends, and enemies too.

Time and time again, this guy takes the cake when it comes to the best Facebook profile pictures!

The following week he suits up as a doctor, anyone ready for surgery? 


Apparently he enjoyed that job working underground…


Photos from his week out in the desert fighting off venomous snakes helps to impress his Facebook friends.


Exploring his softer side with some rather colorful bird friends


Upgraded to operating motorized machinery, woot woot!


Then there’s that secret agent job… 


Apple picking the day away


Guess who is winning? 


King of the ocean, or lake…


Teacher time! 


At the end of 2010 there were 60 billion photos uploaded to Facebook, and shortly thereafter in the summer of 2011, this number ballooned to over 100 billion photos.

Since then more and more images have been uploaded to the site. In fact, over New Year’s Eve weekend alone, 750 million new photos were uploaded to Facebook.

How many photos do you upload to Facebook?

More or less than the average amount?

On average, women have uploaded 347 photos to their profile, while men have only uploaded 179 photos.

Women are also tagged in more photos; the average woman is tagged in 73 photos, while her male counterpart is only tagged in an average of 35 photos.

Behold, he is also a singer and musician! 


Oh you know, just painting a self portrait….


Ax man for a day…


She doesn’t know this is his first day on the job…


Don’t let the clean and stylish clothes fool you, he is clearly loaded with fighting firepower! 


Too fast, too furious


Oh, and too fabulous!


But no matter what, even with so many jobs, hobbies, and pictures to pose for, he’s never too busy to save a frightened woman from a shark.


It’s okay to laugh at this photo because it’s only a faux shark, but by no means is it funny or cool to kill a real shark. Sharks are not the merciless monsters we make them out to be.

Photo Credits: Reddit