Shocked Golfers Watch Angry Ducks Chase An Alligator Down A Golf Course

Florida is filled with surprises – from the latest “Florida man” antics to alligators running wild on golf courses and overtaking swimming pools. Yet, the latest viral video to surface out of Florida takes the cake for crazy.

It shows a decent-sized alligator getting chased by a flock of angry ducks. Who knew ducks could stand a chance against an alligator? Let alone chase one away down a golf course?

The golfers who watched the scene unfold, right in the middle of their game, were just as shocked as you and I.

Onlookers watched the gator march across the golf course…


It wasn’t just any old Saturday afternoon golf game when the face-off between alligator and ducks emerged. It was in the middle of the second annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National.

Golfers withheld swinging their clubs momentarily to watch (and film) the odd scene – keeping a safe distance from the alligator and ducks, we’re not sure which is more dangerous at the moment.

A flock of squawking ducks followed close behind the alligator’s tail


The safety of the ducks might usually be in question when an alligator is involved, but not in this case. Instead, the ducks weren’t scared at all as they marched after the reptile… who could be heard muttering “shut up” from miles away.

It was a real slow-motion chase, something straight out of a comical cartoon


The ideology behind strength in numbers was clearly at play here, as the reptile didn’t even try to argue back about the noisy ducks giving him a hard time. Instead, he just slowly moved away from the furious flock.

Watch the video captured by shocked golfers below

People are commenting up a storm about the footage – mostly mentioning the strength in numbers and all that can be accomplished as a group.

Other people have decided that they’re never going to Florida again; not only do you have to fear the reptiles, but now the ducks too?!