25 Animals Who DGAF About Your Dumb Rules

Animals don’t have to follow the rules made up by humans. No matter if they follow the rules or not, they still look cute and everyone wants to cuddle them.

Enlightened to their powers, some animals have taken rule breaking to new heights, as made evident by this hilarious list of rebels. Like the dog who must sit on the KEEP OFF sign, or the black cat who chooses to sit in the ‘Whites Only’ bucket.

We are taking notes and gaining inspiration because I think we all need to not give a duck like these daring cutie-pies.

1. Pug off – I ain’t keeping off!


Animals don’t just break human-made rules. Some animals defy science-based rules. For instance, while the seahorse is technically classified as a fish, it doesn’t lay eggs.

Instead, it gives birth to its young. The craziest part of all? It’s not the female seahorse that gets pregnant… it’s the male!

2. “I sent my dog outside as a punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response”


The platypus is another rule-breaking animal with a beak that looks like a duck and a tail that looks like a beaver. While the seahorse doesn’t lay eggs, the platypus does. Once their eggs hatch, the platypus feeds its young milk.

There’s only one other egg-laying mammal out there, the echidna.

3. Proof that birds are just better than us


4. Roxy knows she’s allowed on the barstool, and not the counter. Roxy also likes to test her limits.

Don’t we all?


Scientists used to think that all fish were cold-blooded creatures who couldn’t independently keep warm like mammals. Then they discovered the opah, or moonfish, is warm-blooded.

5. Just sit on the ‘No’ and it doesn’t count


Do you really want to live forever? If only you could talk to the Turritopsis nutricula, also known as the “immortal jellyfish,” and find out what it’s like. As its name suggests, this crazy sea creature can virtually live forever.

Scientists discovered this jellyfish has the ability to “when in crisis, revert its cells to their earliest form and grow anew.”

6. Police take note – Turtles can’t read


Female marsupials break all the rules when it comes to reproductive organs – instead of one uteri (like the rest of us have), marsupials have two uteri.

7. Must. Break. Down. This. Sign.

Looking to get fed again


If nine months of pregnancy sounds like a long time, just be glad you’re not an elephant. The average elephant pregnancy lasts a shocking twenty-two months! This must be some kind of evil biological joke.

8. Goats can’t be stopped


All clownfish are born male. While humans can only dream about selecting their gender post-birth, the clownfish can reverse their gender. They do so to become the dominant female of a group. The change is irreversible. Are you clowning me?

9. Badass Squid for the Win


10. Not lost. Just don’t want to be found


11. This dog gets it


12. Making his mark


13. I give zero ducks about your signs


14. Just try and stop me. I dare you.

15. Then there’s this guy protesting the pigeon proof movement


16. “We adopted Barry and this was what he did on his first walk”

I’m here and I’m a rebel.


17. But cat hair makes everything better


18. There’s always one rebel in the flock


19. This cat is on a mission to knock your drink over


20. “My dogs are not allowed in the kitchen while I cook. The kitchen starts at the white tiles.”


21. Rules are for dogs and humans. I’ve got nine lives, duh.


22. I sits where I fits. Save your rules for some laundry-doing peasant



23. I’m no dog… I’m the cutest little ball of fluff you’ve ever seen


24. Enough with the cat beds… more catnip, please.


25. Eff the system