Baby Under The Age Of 1, Dies After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Coronavirus has claimed its youngest victim in a 1 year old infant in Illinois.

According to the Illinois Public health director,

“There has never been a case of COVID-19 death in an infant. If you haven’t been paying attention, maybe this is your wakeup call”.

The infant was one of the 13 new death reports from March 30th, and serves as a powerful wakeup call to those who thought their age deemed them immune from contracting the virus.

While it is not common that such young infants test positive, we now know that it is possible.

This indicated that victims can range from a few months old to 100. Nobody is safe and we all must continue to practice social distancing and quarantining to the best of our abilities if we want this to end.

Governor Jay Pritzker stated, “Upon hearing it, I admit I was shaken.

We should grieve with our family of state employees, with the many people we’ve already lost to this virus, young and old”. This case is the youngest American to have passed from the virus, but earlier this month a 10 month old passed away in China.

There is also a three week old baby who was admitted to NYU Winthrop Hospital and tested positive for coronavirus. This child has survived and is recovering back at home. The youngest confirmed case was a 30 hour old baby in China who tested positive hours after birth.

Governor Pritzker did go on to say, however, “I would remind parents out there that this is highly uncommon,” he said. “That isn’t to say that every infant is safe … but this is not something we should hear a lot more of because it doesn’t happen often at all.”.

Illinois, like many other states in the country, is under a stay at home order where all non essential businesses are closed.

This serves as a powerful reminder for all parents that their children are not immune, and we all must be taking appropriate precautions to protect each other, whether we are young or old.

Illinois schools are switching to remote learning and will remain closed through April. This hopefully serves as a powerful call to action for those who are not taking social distancing policies seriously. When we don’t follow policy, we endanger not only ourselves, but every single other person around us.