Before And After Photos Show How Much The Day Of Adoption Can Mean To A Shelter Pet

“Who saved who?!”

Rescuing a shelter pet saves an animal and gives them a chance at a loving family life, but an adopted animal will improve your life just as much.

Pets crave love and stability just like you and I, and while being rescued is exciting enough, going home with a real, loving family is amazing on a whole new level.

The look that spreads across an animal’s face when they realize they are being taken to their furever home is priceless!

For some of these pets, it’s been a LONG time since they have smiled so big.

Perhaps these adorable before and after photos of shelter pets on their big adoption day will inspire you to visit your local shelter for a new addition to your family!

1. Bumble Bee


Photo Credit: BETA Lebanon

2. Jackson

From a concrete cage to a comfy bed, Jackson is so pleased with his new life.


Photo Credit: AUChris03

3. Pillow

Adoption turned this cute dog’s frown upside down into a beautiful smile!


Photo Credit: imgur

4. Sandy

Sandy went from desert rescue to dog-gone lucky!


Photo Credit: imgur

5. Ned

Ned looks a little nervous and unsure in the left photo, but on the ride home from the shelter Ned’s face has completely changed, just look how happy he is!


Photo Credit: sanantoniojackson

6. Little Stray Kitten

One Imgur user found this kitty outside, cold, hungry and scared. By the following morning in her new home the same kitten was all smiles.


Photo Credit: Lanny14

7. Amelia

Amelia’s adopted family couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her behind, and so they brought her home just in time for the holidays. And yes, some of those presents were wrapped up tight for this well deserving dog!


Photo Credit: imgur

8. Bandit


Photo Credit: imgur

9. Little Guy


Photo Credit: thadaclese

10. Pearl

Once known as Laurel, Pearl has since had her name changed by her loving adoptive family. The adorable pup spent her entire life living on the streets of Texas until the SPCA rescued her and eventually brought her together with her new family.

The first night Pearl slept at her new home the family quickly realized she was afraid of the dark. Her two human sisters made beds on the floor and slept beside Pearl, they wanted to prove to her she never had to be scared or alone again. Their plan worked, with her family by her side she slept through the night without crying.


Photo Credit: imgur



Photo Credit: clutchdeve

12. Stray Cat No More


Photo Credit: imgur

13. Chex


Photo Credit: imgur

14. One Lucky Golden Retriever


Photo Credit: imgur

15. Mira

Mira was found with severe mange, now she looks completely different, healthy, and beautiful!


Photo Credit: Vyara Mladenova

16. Lucy Loo

From near dead to happy, healthy, and very loved.


Photo Credit: Ingrid Law

17. Carozo

Carozo was used by hunters and then left abandoned, thankfully he now has a loving home that he very much deserves.


Photo Credit: Alexander Zaragoza

18. Bodza


Photo Credit: Szabina Nyirfalvi-Lados

19. Ara


Photo Credit: Alexandra Stefanel

20.  Nora Budulis


Photo Credit: Gintarė Matevičiūtė

21. Spokey

Spokey has quite an incredible story!

His current owner wrote on reddit that Spokey used to live next door at the neighbor’s house where he was kept outside all of the time, even when it was freezing cold in the dead of winter.

He used to go out and sneak Spokey treats, always wishing he could do something more to help the poor guy.

Then, one random summer day Spokey completely disappeared.

A few weeks before Christmas Spokey was located at the OSPCA shelter, where his loyal old neighbor immediately made the decision to adopt him.

Spokey lives a wonderful, happy life now with his new family, where he never has to worry about being left out in the cold again!


Photo Credit: goldie

22. Mazdak

Mazdak translates to “wise little guy” in Persian.

This wise cat was found with a missing leg due to a car accident in the streets of Tehran.

Now, he is living the good life, very thankful for the fact cats have 9 lives!


Photo Credit:  Arezoo Dehghani