Photographer Finds Way To Reveal The True Chaos Of Being A Parent

A family photo full of smiles and peaceful perfection sure looks nice, but it’s rarely believable.

No one knows this better than family photographers who are forced to endure kicking, crying, unhappy, and sometimes hyper children as they try and make everyone look perfect on 1, 2, 3, cheese!

Danielle Guenther had just finished up a photo shoot for a family with young children when she began to reflect.

Time and time again she found her photo sessions turning into chaos, simply because kids will be kids, aka they will be crazy.

And so Danielle got an idea… why not take some photos that depict what parents are really going through…

The results based on her idea are incredibly hilarious, check out the true chaos of being a parent through Danielle Guenther’s awesome photographs!

Keep Your Head In The Game


Danielle posted a few of her first photos depicting real life parenthood to Facebook and on her website, and almost instantly she received  loads of great feedback.

Parents were ringing her up by the dozen asking about photographing their own family’s true chaos.

And so sparked Danielle’s mission to capture the beautiful truth in “Best Case Scenario.”

A collection of photos that highlight what it is really like to be a parent: 100% pure pandemonium.

Day At The Spa


Danielle knows good and well the challenges of being a parent, she has a 5-year old of her own at home.

The photographer reflects on parenthood saying, “Parenthood is messy, but wow, the unflattering side can still be so beautiful.”

Her goal with every photo is to “…capture the moment, because in the end, all we have are the memories…”

Just Another Mouth To Feed


Danielle is a talented self-taught photographer born and raised in Ohio, and currently living in New York City.

She has lived in and around the Big Apple for the last 11 years, and she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Danielle cites the energy of city life as rather addictive.

Escape Plan


Danielle has a fun, playful spirit that lights up her photos.

She enjoys viewing the world from a child’s perspective, and as a mother she is always inspired by her little one’s energy, power, emotion, and enthusiasm.

Danielle incorporates a dose of humor into everything she does, making these photos all the more fun to look at.

Hold On A Sec…


Rush Hour


Danielle uses her “Best Case Scenario” photo project to focus on the natural moments that would otherwise go by in such a blur of chaos that no one would stop to take a picture.

These fleeting, hectic moments are the best of all, worthy of a photo highlighting the true chaos of parenthood, which in Danielle’s opinion happens to be the most beautiful part.

Danielle relies on natural light, and takes her time finding the perfect space in a client’s home or outdoors to set up and take pictures.

Those lucky enough to score chaotic family photos by Danielle have something special to treasure all through life.

Oh NO!!!


“If I can evoke emotion in a photograph, I feel the memory will live on forever.” – Danielle Guenther

Parenting Is Exhausting…


Check, Please!


Cheesy family portraits don’t give credit to the unique personality of each family member, but Danielle’s creative photography changes all of that.

Danielle advocates capturing natural moments shared between family members.

After all, life goes by way too fast and a picture provides a clear memory to take along for the future.

Playdate (IN)Sanity


Clean Up On Aisle 5!


Photo Credits: danielleguentherphotography.comFacebook