Black People Asked White People Questions They’ve Long Wanted Answers To And Surprisingly Received Frank Answers

There was a time when most of us believed social media could bring people from all walks of life together. And at certain times, it most certainly does.

Yet, more often than not, it further perpetuates our desire to filter ourselves into niches with people who are just like us.

That’s why there are Facebook groups designed around the things you like and believe in. You follow people that look like you or exemplify your ideal life.

Ever notice that the people you follow tend to follow other people you follow? It’s no coincidence. Algorithms are written in the name of people being predictable.

Every once in a while, borders are crossed, and a mutual understanding is born between two groups of people. All it takes is one brave crusader to lead the way by asking the right questions.

Case and point: Afrocentric Films Collaborative, which promotes positive African Diaspora images, news, cinema, music, and fashion, proposed an open-ended query on Facebook prompting black people to ask white people anything they’d always wanted to know.

You might be thinking – uh oh, where does this lead us?

Especially if you are someone who is familiar with reading the comments section on any viral social media post – people can get real mean, really quick.

Luckily, this time around, humor served as the ultimate ice breaker. The people in the comments section were respectful, good-natured, and rather funny. Proving that the right approach is key to discussing race and cultural differences.

There was no sign of abuse or insults. Instead, people from all walks of life were able to acknowledge historical injustices, poke fun at themselves, and learn something at the same time.

I think we’ve all had this question about House Hunters a time or two… Side note…

It’s not that they are actors, they are people actually looking to buy a home, but the show isn’t moving in real time like they want you to think.

The buyers have usually already picked out the house they plan to buy before they begin filming.

Producers often have them go back to the homes they’ve viewed in the past to capture their “authentic” responses, yet sometimes they look at houses that were never considered in the first place. But this is a story for another day!


Still, the whole thing didn’t go off without any heat. In fact, Afrocentric Films Collaborative did get some negative feedback for the post.

In an interview with Bored Panda they explained:

“That post was created by us a year ago and we decided to share it a few days ago with no intentions of it taking off. We were curious and wanted to get a great and honest dialogue between Black people (people of color) and white people.”

Since posting this, the Facebook page’s other posts have been inundated with white racism and ignorance. They are now debating removing the post altogether.

“Unfortunately, since that post, we have received an influx of white racism and ignorance on other posts. We want to create dialogue, but not at the expense of our peace of mind or giving up our authentic voice to Black people, and to all people love and respect. We have contemplated removing that post if people don’t understand that we created it to create a bridge, and not to invite hateful people.”

“Sadly, with the good comes the bad. We have always had socially aware white fans and they know how we get down. We have been targeted by another group that has not been seasoned and have little clue, but everything happens for a reason and hopefully, through scrolling through our post, they will perhaps learn something.”

So, it didn’t end the way anyone wanted, but at least it got off to a good start.

Read some more of the dialogue below…

Black, white, brown, red, or purple, the Facebook page is worth following, check it out.