7 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Friend

A solid friendship is a beautiful thing.

Our friends should be the people on the sidelines of our life, cheering us on and giving us moral support as we pursue our hopes and dreams.

People come into our lives for many different reasons, and there’s no right way to begin- or end- a friendship.

Sometimes it’s because of one traumatic incident that happens, while other times people change as time goes on, and you drift apart.

Here are a few signs that could mean it’s time for you and your friend to part ways.

1. You feel like they’re never listening to you

A good friend will always make you feel like you’re being heard- even if all you want to talk about are the mundane aspects of your day that no one else seems to care about.

A friend who can listen with love to these small things is generally someone who will also be a good person to talk to about more serious matters, like relationships, work, or family problems.

If you feel like you talk, but your friend is no longer listening to you, it may be time for you to re-evaluate the relationship.

2. You don’t want to share good news, in case they take offense

A true friend should celebrate the good things that happen to you, without making the conversation about themselves.

Even if they’ve been going through their own problems, they should have enough perspective to know that you value their support, even if they’re unable to jump for joy at the time.

A ‘friend’ who reacts to your good news with scorn or  jealousy doesn’t deserve to be included in your life anymore.

This also applies to people who are initially happy for you, but immediately attempt to one-up you at the next opportunity. 

3. They’ve broken your trust

In our friendships, as in all of our relationships, honesty is an important foundation stone.

It’s hard to maintain a positive relationship with someone who we inherently don’t trust.

If a friend of yours has broken your trust by spilling a secret that they were entrusted with, it’s time to consider moving on.

If they can’t give you a reasonable explanation as to why they broke your trust, then theirs is not a relationship that you need to continue to work on. 

4. They don’t respect your boundaries

Friend break ups can be caused by more than a split.

Sometimes, your friend encroaches on your life so much that the only solution is to remove them from it entirely.

Of course, different people have different personal boundaries, and only you can tell when a friend has encroached too far.

In this situation, if you have a friend that’s becoming needy and demanding of your time, it’s often helpful to explain why you aren’t able to fulfill their wishes at the moment.

Then, if they press the issue, you may have to gently explain that if you aren’t able to fulfill their expectations, it may be better for you both to go your separate ways.

5. Getting together is awkward

Friends drift apart for all sorts of reasons, but a true friendship should be able to stand the test of a little time and distance without becoming awkward.

If you have a friend that you haven’t seen in a while, and suddenly your dinners or coffee chats are unbearably awkward, then it’s possible you’ve just outgrown the friendship. 

6. They’ve become too busy for you

We’re all busy people, and sometimes it feels like our friend time is relegated to a couple weekends a year when we can escape our work and family commitments long enough to relax with our pals.

Lack of time only becomes an issue when it’s one person who is consistently turning down offers to get together- so much so that you feel like you’re being deliberately ignored or neglected.

If you feel like this is happening to you, it might be worth a conversation with that person- maybe they’re going through something tough that they don’t feel like sharing.

If they ignore the problem, or insist it’s in your head, it may be time to step away.

7. They hurt your feelings

All friends get into disagreements sometimes- no friendship is perfect.

The sign to watch out for is if your friend doesn’t seem to care that they offend or hurt you.

Your feelings are valid, and if you have a friend that seems to disagree, then it may be time to remove them from your life.