This Incredible Bridge Turns Into a Tunnel Connecting Denmark and Sweden

While it may look rather ominous, the Oresund is a true engineering marvel.

This amazing bridge turns into a tunnel connecting Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden, though it looks as if it abruptly ends well before reaching dry land.

The cable-stayed bridge runs nearly five miles to an artificial island where it transitions into a tunnel that runs another two-and-a-half miles.

The award-winning double-track railway and motorway opened on July 1, 2000.

bridge tunnel2

The man-made island that connects bridge and tunnel is called Peberholm, and it’s had an unexpectedly positive impact for the local flora and fauna.

Species have been allowed to freely develop, and it’s since become a haven for biologists as a popular breeding ground for birds as well as being a habitat for the rare green toad.

The bridge, which is jointly operated by both countries, allows the region of some 3.7 million people to live in one country and work in another, though it’s not cheap.

A ten-trip card runs 354 euro, or about 400 USD.

bridge tunnel3

The cable-stayed bridge features two 669-foot-high pylons supporting the bridge span across the Flinte Channel.

The motorway runs on the upper level while the railway runs below.

Most of its structures, including the piers and spans, were built on land and towed out by large floating cranes. Only the pylons were cast ‘in situ.’

bridge tunnel4

Photo Credit: The Oresund Bridge