20 Of The Most Epic Bus And Van Renovations That’ll Prove Life On The Road Is The Best Life

#Vanlife is a growing trend and lifestyle that many people around the world and in the US have adopted. And for good reason, it’s one heck of a life!

Forget a fenced-in backyard that never changes. When you live in your van your backyard is wherever you park; the beach, a massive field filled with blooming flowers, a park equipped with all the good toys.

Just because you live in a van doesn’t mean you have to give up a pretty home with all the fixings. People are renovating old busses and vans into beautiful tiny homes on wheels with everything from kitchens to showers, and the coziest looking beds.

Not only do you have the chance to travel the country, but then there’s the cost saving benefit of taking up residency in your van. Instead of a $2,000 mortgage, you’re looking at closer to $300 to $600 per month – and that includes gas.

If you love living the van life or are considering converting your lifestyle to it, the following epic bus and van renovations will serve as the perfect dose of inspiration.

1. Beautiful Green Haven


Many people have asked how the owners of this van keep everything in place while they drive. The answer? Velcro tape! Plus, they also credit the soft air suspension on the bus.

2. A Modern White & Stainless Steel Kitchen


Wondering if you qualify to live happily ever after in a van? According to the founder of Van Clan, all you need is an adventurous soul!

3. Welcome home

“Our sweet bus is starting to look more and more like a home! We are almost at the finish line. We absolutely cannot wait to move in.”


You might be wondering how much these beautiful van conversions cost. A bare bones basic renovation can cost as little as $1,000, while a more sleek and modern design can run closer to $10,000+.

Spending more on renovations might be worth it though in order to make your space feel more like home. Especially after you consider how much you’ll be saving each month.

4. This Used To Be A School Bus, Now It Feels Like Home


“I really enjoy designing alternative spaces and giving them a new feel and life. When I first got my bus it was an old yellow bus just like the one most of us probably took to school.

With some planning and imagination, I turned it into my home. Most of the time, I forget that ‘I live in a bus.’ It just feels like home to me.”

5. “This is our first van we ever had in Australia”


“This is our first van we ever had in Australia, we had to cook outside rain or shine, you couldn’t stand up inside and we shared a single bed for a whole year!

This tiny little home started our love affair with life on the road, it gave us a crash course in alternative living and the kind of freedom that tasted bloody beautiful!”

6. Family of 6 Leaves 5,000 square foot house for a 250 sq ft converted school bus… they’ve never been happier

Gabriel and Debbie

7. Rusty Cargo Van Transformed


It took around 3 months (straight work) and $12,000 to transform this old rusty cargo van into a livable space.

8. The Dream Machine


“This build has been quite a process. Most of the time it’s excitement, dreams and drawings, but there have been countless moments of extreme frustration and major setbacks. A 6 month project has turned into two years.

We have sold our home, lived in our parents house, just sorta circled around looking for things to do while expecting the bus to be finished just around the corner.

Sometimes it’s felt like the worst idea I’ve ever had, like a never ending problem machine that’s going to take me down with it…

…and then there’s days like these. Where the fog breaks, and I get a glimpse of the future, of the bus finished. Of my lil’ lady and I’s life on this beautiful dream machine.”

9. Truly Living the Van Life


10. My New Home


11. Before and After Build for a Firefighter Living in Toronto

Paved-to-Pines, pavedtopines

12. High-tech Mercedes Van Life

georgeholiday, madeontheroaduk

13. “It feels so good to finally be done with it. Now it’s time for the best part, seeing the world in it and decorate it with bits and pieces from all over the place”


14. The toilet is in the kitchen, but that’s van life for you


“On the left is our kitchen counter with sink and quite a bit of storage space underneath. Since we wanted to use a portable gas stove to be able to cook outside as well, we didn’t build a fixed one into the kitchen area.

In the drawers, we have dishes, food supplies as well as our freshwater tank, our compost toilet, and our 200ah batteries. The whole build is done by ourselves, and you probably can tell we are not carpenters, so we just call it style.”

15. Home for the Next 3 Months


“We have finally hit the road! After 5 days of non stop designing and renovating we finally have our new home for the next 3 months.

 Can’t wait to share the interior with you guys and our months of adventures.

The first night at this beautiful spot was a success and I’m already in love with the states and this van … (and yes, this home will be up for sale at the end of our stay).”

16. They Transformed This Camper Van in 6 Weeks With £1000

Ellie Morgan

17. “In two weeks we’ll be setting out for our journey to Alaska”


18. Before and After (2 years apart)


19. These sisters renovated an old firetruck to travel through Europe for 8+ months


“Well, we don’t have a toilet. Sometimes that makes things a bit complicated. But it also makes us really creative, and we have a funny reason to ask people for help. So at the end that is working out fine. 

We did some isolating, but during the winter it still gets pretty cold. We have a heater only after an hour or two it is too much for the batteries. Besides that, I’m pleased with the setup.”

20. “A little glimpse into the home we tuck ourselves into each night”