People Are Tweeting About Their Odd Obsession With Buying Notebooks They Don’t Need

You’re browsing through Target and you find yourself in the glorious ‘paper products’ aisle… they are having a SALE on notebooks. There are puppy notebooks, notebooks with glittery hearts, and even notebooks with GOLD lined pages… eek!

What notebook-lover could resist? Never mind that you have 4 to 5 perfectly good notebooks waiting to be used at home. There’s just something so intriguing about a pristine blank notebook, oh the possibilities!

And so… you buy it! Add it to your collection of other beautiful notebooks just waiting to be broken in.

We aren’t the only ones dealing with something I like to call ‘notebook hoarding syndrome.’ Turns out, the whole world has gone completely crazy for notebooks they may or may not ever use, and this Twitter thread proves it.

It all started when @TraceOddity sent out some helpful advice to fellow notebook addicts:


From there, the Internet went wild responding to and sharing the oh-so-relatable Tweet.

Some people felt a little personally attacked by it all.

Me personally? I love the hardback notebooks – which you can often find on sale for killer prices in the neighborhood of $8 at stores like TJ Maxx.

That same notebook would cost you well over $20 at Barnes and Noble, and who could pass up a deal like that?

There’s a reason the stationary industry is worth an impressive $4.3 billion – people are OBSESSED with paper products.  So, don’t mess!

People started responding with all of the reasons they SHOULD buy that new notebook, even if they have several hundred others just like it sitting at home.

People are so in love with notebooks that it’s making companies who strictly produce paper products filthy rich.

Need proof? Moleskine, the Milan-based company behind cardboard-bound notebooks, entered the stock exchange with a value in the neighborhood of $722 million.



Free notebooks?! Count me in!


Only have 6 notebooks? By golly – you better catch up!


Did you know that most notebooks contain 200 pages? You better starting writing!

I must admit, people have some very good reasons for buying another notebook, even if they have a perfectly good one waiting at home to be used. Like this Idris Elba notebook must be a one-of-a-kind gem.


And what about when notebooks become obsolete and the only way you can show your future great-grandchildren the beauty of a notebook is through your personal collection?


As much as I adore a brand new notebook, cutting back on notebooks is good for the environment.

After all, Americans use over 67 million tons of paper every single year, that’s around 580 pounds per person.

According to the American Forest and Paper Association, we only recycle around 53% of all the paper we use.

Not to mention, it takes somewhere between 55 to 110 million trees to produce all this paper in the first place. According to educated estimates, a single tree can produce around 10,000 to 20,000 sheets of paper.

So, at the very least, seek out notebooks made from recycled paper or eco-friendly paper.