25 Humiliating Childhood Photos Of Kids Who Look Like Old People

We’ve all been through an awkward stage, or two, but few people are blessed with childhood photos like the ones featured here! Sometimes kids don’t really look like kids, instead they look decades older than they really are.

In this roundup of comical goodness, we’ve got a toddler who could play Mrs. Doubtfire’s double, a kindergartener who looks ready to host the next PTA meeting, and a sixth grader going on sixty.

Talk about priceless gold – this will give you a good laugh and a nice break from your day, guaranteed!

1. “I looked 70 when I was 13”



You might be wondering… do beautiful babies become beautiful adults? And what makes a beautiful baby in the first place?

According to psychologytoday.com, a beautiful baby is blessed with “a bulbous forehead, big eyes, luscious cheeks and thighs.”

Babies with these features are ranked as more attractive than babies with sunken foreheads, large or long chins, and small eyes.

Studies have found adults spend more time gazing at beautiful babies, and tend to see them as more sociable, easy to care for, and more competent.

2. “My friend’s baby pictures look like Mrs. Doubtfire”


While beautiful babies may get extra special attention – does it last, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

A study conducted by psychologists Gorgon Gallup Jr. and Marissa Harrison addressed this very question: do beautiful babies become beautiful adults?

To reach their findings, researchers looked through countless high school yearbooks and uncovered 108 graduating seniors who included photos of themselves as infants.

Then, they presented these photos to several hundred college students and asked them to rank the individuals on attractiveness in infancy and in adulthood.

3. First day of kindergarten or first day as the head of the PTA?


What did they find? No correlation at all between attractiveness in infancy and young adulthood.

I could easily say (just from following my former high school peers on social media over the years) that some of the most attractive high schoolers are not so good looking now, and visa-versa.

Some glowing babies with perfect features maintained their beauty through high school, while some gawky and awkward babies blossomed into attractive teens.

According to researchers, being a cute baby does not predict how attractive you’ll be as an adult. The results were the same for boys and girls.

4. She may look 40, but she’s really 12


Interesting side note: While the college students tasked with rating pictures usually agreed on baby cuteness, they often disagreed on their ratings for high schoolers.

That’s because the gold standard for baby beauty is universal.

5. Child’s face, middle aged man’s body


In 1977, a study titled “Reversed Facial Images and the Mere-Exposure Hypothesis” was conducted by psychologists Marshall Dermer, Theodore H. Mita, and Jeffrey Knight.

This interesting study found that “individuals will prefer a facial photograph that corresponds to their mirror image rather than to their true image.”

6. That’s one sassy grandma!

Betty White: age 6


The ‘mere-exposure effect’ was originally proposed in the 1960s by Stanford psychologist Robert Zajonc.

“In its simplest terms, the mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby a person develops a preference for a stimulus based solely on his or her repeated exposure to (and subsequent familiarity with) it. The effect has been demonstrated with an array of stimuli (words, paintings, sounds) and across cultures. It’s even been observed in other species,” according to Gizmodo.com.

7. “My wife was a 40-year-old receptionist in fourth grade.”


That means people prefer images of themselves in which they look like their mirror-image. Although, these same images may look odd to other people who see you in reverse.

In fact, researchers found that people preferred photos of their friends and relatives in which they resembled the reverse of their mirror-image.

8. “This is why I never had a girlfriend in high school. I looked 35 when I was 14.”


9. “Yeah, so I heard my best friend was made into a meme called ‘the 60-year-old girl'”


10. 7-year-old’s Glamour Shots


11. “That time I went to my high school prom and looked like a 45-year-old woman”


12. This is what we call sixth grade going on sixty


13. That umbrella paired with that hair and those pearls says not a day over 80!


14. Don’t let his getup fool you, this was his first day of high school


15. “I was born in 1981, but turned 55 in 1992.”


16. “Blundering through second grade”


17. “I was Dwight Schrute when I was 15”


18. “After the seventh child my mom decided it’s just easier to dress me in her own clothes”


19. This is a sixth grader, not a grandma


20. “1981. I thought I was the **** in my band uniform and permed hair, and weighing all of 90 pounds (with the cymbals)”


21. Looks like the kid version of Elton John


22. “I was in second grade. I look like I am 50”


23. “My sister’s Glamor Shot: Age 4”


24. “My wife looked like a 60-year-old woman as a child”


25. Granny, that you?


Source: Bored Panda