Chrissy Teigen Pays Emotional Tribute to Her Unborn Child On His Due Date

Nothing is more painful to a mother than losing a child. 

Imagine the grief of losing the child you are eagerly looking forward to seeing. 

It’s probably unbearable. The pain… The loss… The heartbreak…

That is why it didn’t come as a surprise when Chrissy Teigen, wife of the singer John Legend, shared on Instagram her emotional tribute to their son Jack whom they lost during her miscarriage. 

On her Instagram post last February 20, 2021, she shared a photo of her looking back with the caption “Can smile all day but thinking of you on your due date, bug” as a simple but touching remembrance of what should have been another exciting moment of their family’s life. 

Chrissy Teigen Instagram (c) Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Chrissy’s followers showered her with kind words of support as she pays tribute to her son. Like who wouldn’t feel empathy towards someone who loses a child.

One could simply just imagine the heartbreak and the longing it left especially for the mother.

With overflowing comments of support and sympathy to Chrissy, people can’t help but wonder how it must have been for the family. 

It was October of 2020 when Chrissy shared to her Instagram post her health condition with regards to her pregnancy. In the photo she posted, she mentioned how she is about to have her second blood transfusion. 

Yet she re-assured everyone that the baby and she are doing just fine. 

Chrissy Teigen Instagram (c) Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram

However, as surprised as everyone around her, Chrissy shared the news about her miscarriage on Instagram just days after she posted her photo where she mentioned getting a blood transfusion. 

In her post, she shared how she and her family felt was like “the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before” 

chrissy teigen miscarriage (c) Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram

Chrissy explained to her post that they grew to call the child “Jack” and as she added on her Instagram post, “Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever”

Family, friends, and fans of the couple shared their unending support and sympathy for what happened. It was a heartbreaking moment and everyone is sympathetic to the grieving couple. 

Many fans share the same heartache as Chrissy is experiencing and shared their support and encouragement to the grieving mother. 

According to one follower, they know how it feels to lose someone especially a child of their own as they experienced the same in their family. 

Another follower shared blessings to the family and encouragement for Chrissy’s braveness to share her story to lots of women who experienced the same. 

Ever since Chrissy seems to be doing fine with a lot of support and love from her family.  She has been constantly assuring her followers of how she feels loved by her husband, John, and their two children – Luna and Miles. 

But it cannot be denied that the pain of losing their third child is still in their heart. 

In one of her posts, Chrissy shared multiple photos of her and John engaging under the sun. Despite the sunny view and scenes, her caption still shadows the pain and the sadness that she had to endure in the loss of her son. 

In her caption, she wrote, “He would have been here any day now” referring to Jack who is supposed to be due in February.

No doubt, it must have been one hell of a roller coaster of pain and acceptance altogether. 

It would have been a real pain. 

How about you, did you lost someone so dear in your heart?

Share your thoughts and how you dealt with it in the comment section below.