People Are Sharing Their Confusing AF Family Trees And We Can’t Keep Up

Have you ever tried tracking your family history on one of those sites like Ancestry? Things can get weird and confusing and before you know it you don’t know if you’re digging into your family history or following up on complete strangers.

Apparently, you don’t have to sign up for one of those pricey paid sites to learn weird things about your family tree – just start asking around and you could uncover pure gold.

Maybe you don’t even need to ask, simply knowing the age of your siblings might be proof enough that your family tree is a little whack – anyone 30+ years apart in age difference with their brothers or sisters? You might be surprised just how many people out there are saying “I am!”

Case in point: Twitter user @prettyboiiDB_9, aka Pierre, sent out this tweet to the world. While some people could only laugh and shrug their shoulders in confusion, plenty more replied with their own equally perplexing family trees.

People have some seriously vast age ranges going on in their families…

Turns out, some people out there are breastfeeding their uncles!


Someone please explain how your great-nieces are older than your great aunt


The Internet begged Amber Doll to explain, and explain she did:



Her Grandpa isn’t even the oldest dad out there. One of the oldest fathers on record is Namu Ram Jogi, who fathered his twenty-first child at 96 years old in 2012. Jogi said he remains so healthy because he walks every day and eats plenty of meat.

Les Colley is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest legal father. He was 92 when his third wife delivered his ninth child in 1992.

To make matters even more interesting, Colley married his third wife one year after she gave birth to their son Oswald. The pair met through a dating agency.

Yet, the oldest dad that we can find record of beats out both Colley and Jogi. Meet Ramjit Raghav, born in 1916, he was 96 years old in 2012 when he fathered his second child. He lives in North India.

Raghav’s first son was born shortly before that, in 2010, at which point he gained a lot of media attention for being the oldest known father. Even PETA released a photo of him with the caption: “Vegetarians Still Got It at Age 96.”

My youngest sister is 15 years younger than my oldest sister, and I thought that was a lot… until now!

According to the 2002 edition of The Guinness Book of Records, the largest age gap between siblings is 41 years.

Elizabeth Anne Buttle gave birth to her daughter in 1956 when she was just 19 years old. She gave birth to her son many years later, in 1997, when she was 60 years old.

While they say the average woman can give birth until 41 years of age, many women have given birth far past this age.

The oldest woman to ever give birth was Rajo Devi, who delivered a daughter at the ripe age of 70. She conceived through the use of a donor egg artificially inseminated along with her husband’s sperm.

We’ll let you do the math on this one…

There are 1-year-old uncles with 6-year-old nieces



These massive age gaps might not be the worst thing ever… apparently, siblings with more than 2 years of age difference scored better than siblings closer together. There’s a theory that it’s because they bag more one-on-one time with mom and dad.

According to health experts, women should wait at least 18 months before having another baby so that her body can physically recover and rebuild the proper nutrients and iron.

Me trying to calculate some of the above scenarios for the rest of the evening…