20 Surprisingly Cute Pics of Snakes That’ll Help You Get Over Your Fears

A rather small percentage of people around the world talk about snakes using words like “cute,” “loveable,” or “adorable”. That’s because they haven’t seen these photos of super adorable and oh-so-loveable snakes.

Sure, they may have slimy skin that sheds off in sheets, but many species are surprisingly sweet. Put a little non-venomous snake in a top hat or mini floral crown and you’ve got a regular supermodel on your hands.

Many of us have grown to fear the venomous snake with its lethal bite that can send you to your death bed, but there are actually far more nice and non-venomous snakes in the world. In fact, only 15% of snake species worldwide are venomous.

Of course, you shouldn’t go picking up random, wild snakes – it’s not worth the risk! But you might want to rethink your fear of your bestie’s rosy boa.

You might even want a pet snake (or at least to pet a snake) after seeing the adorable creatures featured here…

1. Happy snake!


Did you know that snakes are meat eaters? Since they can’t bite food, they have to swallow it whole.

For this very reason, snakes have highly flexible jaws so they can consume prey that is larger than their heads.


There are around 3,000 snake species around the world, only 15 percent of which are considered venomous or poisonous.

There’s a difference between venomous and poisonous snakes. Venomous snakes must bite their prey to inject poisonous venom into your blood stream. On the other hand, poisonous snakes can cause harm if you touch or eat them.

3. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya


Snakeskin is smooth, dry, and covered in scales. They shed their skin a few times each year and the process takes several days.



Snakes use their tongues to smell things.

5. A little ticklish


You can’t escape snakes! There are snakes living on every continent of the globe except for Antarctica.

6. Staying warm this winter!


Snakes do not have eyelids.

7. Itty-bitty ground snake in a wedding ring


Anacondas are the world’s largest snake, in particular, the eunectes murinus which weighs an impressive 550 pounds and can reach up to 30 feet in length, but the majority are around 17 feet long.

This massive aquatic snake doesn’t bite. Instead, it kills its prey by suffocation or drowning – lovely.



The world’s longest snake is the reticulated python, which stretches around 30 feet long. It’s still smaller in weight than the eunectes murinus, averaging between 250 and 350 pounds.

9. “Found this cute little noodle today”


As big (and terrifying) as the world’s biggest snakes may sound, just be glad you didn’t live 60 million years ago when the Titanoboa cerrejonensis slithered the planet.

Fossilized remains of this snake were found in Columbia back in 2009 measuring 42 feet long and weighing an estimated 2,500 pounds.

10. Here you go humom


Snakes don’t have the best eyesight – they can see shapes but not details. Scientists believe their poor eyesight relates to evolutionary history.  As burrowers, snakes lived in the dark and didn’t have much use for sight.

11. Baby announcement


The pit viper can see prey incredibly well at night thanks to the fact they can sense infrared light.

Instead of eyes, they have “pits” on either side of their head that work like a pair of night goggles. These pits are said to render images of prey in the snake’s brain.

12. Just like my cats, snakes like warm computers


Many snakes enjoy hanging out with humans, in part because they are warm.

13. Hello!


Snakes living in captivity show interest, excitement, and curiosity about a number of things including new bedding, housing, or a new scent.

14. Skin like a mermaid

Some of the best pet snakes for beginners include rosy boas, corn snakes, ball pythons, garter snakes, brown snakes, and kingsnakes.

15. This snake likes to cuddle up in mom’s sleeves



Four snakes that are among the least likely to bite or strike include ball pythons, rosy boas, brown snakes, and green snakes.

16. Sleepy snek

Nikhil kanojia
Most snake bites from reptiles that measure under three feet long do not cause serious injury and heal within one day.

17. Snake in a beanie


There’s an estimated 9.4 million pet reptiles living in the US.

Having a pet snake is similar to keeping a pet bird or fish. They don’t want to come to the park with you, and they may not show the same bonding habits as cats and dogs. Still, some people feel very bonded and connected to their pet snake.

18. Snake with a pumpkin on its back


19. Yellow baby snek



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