Should You Date Someone With The Same Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to astrological compatibility, you might assume that dating someone with the same star sign is the best recipe for success.

In some cases, these matches work perfectly.

However, in truth, not every same-sign pairing is destined for happiness. Read on to discover why.


Two Arians can spur each other on, and share in one another’s triumphs.

As an Aries, you’ll appreciate having a partner who understands your urge to work long hours and excel in your chosen field.

You are both passionate people, and easily excite one another.

On the other hand, Arians can be immature and too hasty to blame someone else for their troubles, so be prepared for petty arguments.

On balance, you can achieve great things together, but your relationship may lack stability.


As a Taurus, you love the finer things in life and aspire towards a comfortable standard of living.

You feel happiest at home, and with another Taurus by your side, can build a steady family life.

You will find it easy to agree on financial goals.

Your life together will be harmonious.

However, you might find yourself stuck in a rut, because the bull is notoriously fond of routine.

You are both stubborn, meaning you will need to learn the art of compromise.


Geminis love to talk, and they love to think.

As a result, they are often guilty of over-analyzing themselves, their partner, and the relationship.

Fortunately, if you are a Gemini, your strong communication skills mean you can resolve most disagreements.

You can expect to enjoy many memorable adventures with your Gemini partner, because they share your taste for quirky, offbeat experiences.

You are both insatiably curious, meaning that you can look forward to a fun-filled life together.


Cancerians are homebodies who love to nurture and care for others.

If you were born under this sign, you will appreciate your Cancerian partner’s loyalty, stability, and capacity for romance.

The relationship will be secure.

Unfortunately, it may eventually lack excitement, leaving both of you stuck in your respective comfort zones.

Two Cancerians will anchor one another and build lasting love, but may forget to develop themselves as individuals, instead latching on too tightly to their partner.


Two Leos can have plenty of fun together.

They both want a lot of attention, and understand that their partner also needs a considerable amount of emotional energy from them.

On the downside, because they are so fiery, a Leo-Leo pairing can be unstable and sometimes inappropriately intense.

You won’t have calm, reasonable discussions – you’ll have blazing rows.

On the plus side, the sexual chemistry and passion will be unrivalled by that of any other zodiac pairing.


When a Virgo commits to a relationship, they put a considerable amount of time and effort into courting their partner.

Two Virgos make a romantic pair.

However, Virgos are perfectionists, and may become upset if their relationship hits a stumbling block.

Virgos are also vulnerable to falling for the sunk cost fallacy:

It’s hard for them to walk away from an unsuitable relationship, meaning that a Virgo-Virgo pairing can endure well beyond its use-by date.


Librans are highly social, and appreciate having a partner who is willing to spend a lot of time with them with and outside the home.

If you are a Libra, you value transparency and fairness, so you’ll always strive to earn your partner’s respect and trust.

On the downside, having such a socially skilled and occasionally flirtatious partner can leave Librans vulnerable to jealousy.

The key to a Libran-Libran relationship is realistic expectations and good communication.


Both parties are very intense, secretive, and prone to jealousy.

In some cases, they may become too possessive, which can be destructive.

Scorpios bear grudges, and grievances can become long-term problems in Scorpio-Scorpio unions.

Scorpios are somewhat secretive, so they will benefit from being with someone who understands their love of privacy.

Unfortunately, two Scorpios can put up emotional barriers that may get in the way of real intimacy.


Two Sagittarians can have a fantastic time exploring the world together and sharing ideas.

As a Sagittarius, you have an outgoing personality and a wonderful sense of humor, so another person born under this sign is a perfect match in this regard.

However, as a free-spirited sign, you may be reluctant to wholeheartedly commit to your partner – and they, likewise, might be slow to enter into a steady relationship with you.


You both have high standards, and will happily support one another’s careers.

The trouble with a Capricorn-Capricorn pairing is that it’s easy for the relationship to lose its fun and spontaneity, because you both have a tendency towards order and perfectionism.

In fact, you might start to see your partner as a project instead of an individual.

You are both ambitious and enjoy collecting status symbols, and your materialistic side can distract you from your relationship.


You pride yourself on being open-minded and patient, and two Aquarians can have a fulfilling relationship in which both parties feel free to explore the world, both within and beyond the confines of their partnership.

However, although you are happy to talk and aspire towards mutual communication, the typical Aquarian isn’t comfortable expressing their emotions until they have had several months in which to develop a sense of mutual trust. An Aquarius-Aquarius match requires patience.


As a Pisces, you sometimes spend so much time caring for your partner, and dreaming about what your relationship could become, that you ignore any problems.

Two Pisces together may end up in a situation whereby both realize that the relationship is in trouble, but neither wishes to upset their partner by addressing the issue directly.

They will hope that, with enough love, all their issues will disappear.

Both partners in a Pisces-Pisces pairing will need to strengthen their communication skills if their match is to work out.

Ultimately, dating someone similar is a gamble – but then, all relationships entail some risk.

Keep your expectations realistic, have fun, and you may just find a soulmate that shares your sign.