20+ Tweets About Dating Today That Are Just Too Real

Dating in the 21st century can be a weird and awkward thing. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tinder let us have more access to our crushes, and ex’s than anyone has ever had before.

And with that connection has come more and more awkward stories and experiences with people we would’ve never met without these apps, or at least, wouldn’t have been spoken about without these social media apps.

But lucky we do have these networks, and with that comes plenty of dating stories that get all too real and relatable in this day and age.

Here is collection of some of the most relatable dating tweets from twitter that get way too real.

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1. You’re

2. 36 years old with two guinea pigs

3.  Here are your two options..

4. Most relationships don’t work out because of timing..

5. Apologizing for something you said that was hilarious

6. I’ll just wait in the car

7. Ugh, Such a double standard

8. Did it just become sexier in here?

9. My ex had a really hard time moving on

10. Tinder is the best place to find a husband.

11. I’m so nervous

12. Dating is basically data collection until..

13. Trying to find that piece of hay

14. What’s your emergency?

15. I’ll wait a full 12 minutes after not getting a reply for 2 days

16. Just give me a sign whether i’m going to waste my time or not..

17. Talking to men with zero personality.

18. What a chilling metaphor.

19. “i’M NoT lOokInG fOr A rElAtiOnShIp”

20. I prefer catty-style

21. Great first date idea!

22. What do you think is worst?

23. I wanna be loved like a catfish who won’t video chat

24. Don’t know what’s worse

25. What if?

26. They say that there’s plenty of fish in the see, but there’s also something else in the sea

27. Gotta let the group chat know every detail

What do you think about these dating tips?

Are they all too real for you, just as it is for me? Ohhh the cringe..

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