18 Of The Most Creative DIY Christmas Trees Ever

The Christmas tree remains a big part of winter celebrations, the smell alone brings back great memories and warm, fuzzy feelings.

You can get yourself a living Christmas tree picked straight from the farm, or you can go for a fake tree that lasts after year.

Either way, buying a tree is far from cheap, and unless you go with a faux tree, you will have to dispose of it in only a couple months time, at most.

For anyone out there that wants to add more to their holiday decor, you can make your own DIY Christmas tree, just like these 18 creative Christmas geniuses.

If there are no Christmas trees for sale where you live, you don’t feel like spending the money, or you’d rather get more creative, take inspiration from these awesome DIY trees that truly light up the holiday.

1. Floating Christmas Tree 

This floating Christmas tree is made with all green ornaments and clear thread, now let’s just hope no one bumps into it and tangles it into one big mess.


Evergreen fir trees have been included in winter celebrations for thousands of years.

The exact date that trees where first used to specifically celebrate Christmas remains unknown, although it is predicted to be some 1,000 years ago in Northern Europe.

2. Christmas Tree Made Of Stacked Books 

It takes a seriously creative eye to take a stack of green books and come up with this smart Christmas tree.


3. Christmas Tree Dress 

This fashionable tree is perfectly placed in the display window at Karen Elizabeth Bridal.


4. Christmas Tree Made Of Branches 

This tree is absolutely beautiful, and it also takes winter celebrations back to their roots… literally.

Pagans would adorn their homes with branches during the winter solstice as a reminder of the spring to come.


Another way to bring back the history of Christmas trees is to decorate your tree using candles, although be careful, the last thing you want is to spark a fire!

Back during the Victorian ages, candles were used to doctorate trees, as they were said to represent glittering stars.

While this tradition is still alive in parts of Europe, it does present some dangers.

In 1885, a Chicago hospital burned down due to a Christmas tree decorated with candles.

Thankfully, in 1895 Ralph Morris invented the first electric tree lights.

Helping spur the popularity of his invention, in 1908 US insurance companies tried to make decorating your tree with candles illegal because of the many fires it was sparking.

5. Doilies Christmas Trees 

Pretty white trees made from simple doilies.


6. Creative Chemistry Teacher’s Christmas Tree 


7. Spinning Christmas Tree


8. The Perfect Holiday Tree For The Laziest Person Ever 

This person is serious, there are even gifts beneath the “tree.”

Hopefully they at least had the energy to find one scented like evergreen!


Have a backscratcher handy?

If so, you won’t have to make a hole in the wall.


9. Christmas Trees Made of Cardboard 


10. Christmas Tree Made Of Newspapers


11. Blackboard Christmas Tree 

With art skills like these, who needs to run out and purchase a tree?


12. Hospital Christmas Tree Made With Medical Gloves 


13. Heineken Tree

Beer lovers unite over this creative tree.


14. Paper Christmas


15. Portal Christmas Tree 

This might seem super weird and out there, but historians have found there was a time in history when Christmas trees were actually hung upside down from the ceiling, using hooks and chains.


16. Christmas Tree For Pac Man Lovers 


17. Student Christmas Tree 


18. Tree Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles 


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