Doctor Forced To Choose Between Looking After His Cancer-Battling Son And Saving COVID-19 Patients’ Lives

Nick Dennison, an anesthetist at Frimley Park Hospital, had to make the heartbreaking decision between working with COVID-19 patients and spending time with his three year old son who is battling cancer.

Dennison is an anesthetist and is working around the clock with COVID-19 patients, making him nearly positive that he is carrying the virus and therefore shouldn’t be around his young son.

Nick has moved into a motor home for the next six months, as he expects that stopping the virus will take this long, and while he is on the front line fighting it it is unsafe for him to be around his son who has cancer.

He posted his story on Facebook here. He shares his story of his son, Alfie, who is six weeks into a three year treatment plan for lymphoma, which is a blood cancer. If he were to catch COVID-19, it would likely be lethal.

I’ve not posted on FB for a long time so read this.I’m a consultant anaesthetist working in Frimley Park Hospital and…

Posted by Nick Dennison on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nick writes: “On a more personal level, my son turned three years old last week and is six weeks into a three year chemotherapy program for lymphoma. This virus is a big threat to his life and as I am going to be exposed this week doing my job, I can no longer live at home.

I have had to make the difficult choice: to do my job and save lives of people I don’t know, or to be with my son whilst he battles cancer.

Alfie hopefully will survive his cancer and chemo, but many people will die from the flu. My heart is broken making this decision, but I choose to save the lives of strangers and leave him in the care of my beautiful wife and family.

Later this week I’ll be moving into a motorhome and will not be able to take any further part in his care for the next 6 months. Bottom line. SOCIALLY ISOLATE or people die in two weeks.”

Nick ends his post with this plea for social isolation, as refusing to do so puts others in danger. Even if we think of ourselves as healthy, we have to consider children like Alfie who would be unable to fight the virus.

After all, we can all have the power to stop this virus simply by staying in and watching Netflix while doctors like Nick bravely fight it head on.

We can find alternative ways to socialize with each other until this passes, as socialization does not have to be in person.

This is the time to put others before ourselves and to be creative and figure out ways we can maintain and strengthen our existing relationships. We can do it, and we’re all in it together.