20 Photos Of Dogs Before And After Their Adoption That’ll Make You Want To Adopt A Doggo

According to the ASPCA, around 1.6 million shelter dogs are adopted each year. That’s nearly 2 million dogs who get a second chance at love and a happy life.

Many of these dogs enter shelters on the brink of death, starving, scared, injured, and ill. Despite what they have been through, dogs have an incredible capacity to forgive, forget, and love again.

In proof, dog owners around the world are sharing photos of their dog before it was rescued and after adoption – and the differences will take your breath away. Some of these dogs are simply unrecognizable next to their before photos.

If you’re debating adopting a dog, these pictures prove just how worth it is to take the plunge and become an angel in a dog’s life.

Sure, owning a dog isn’t always easy work but it’s so rewarding. Just look at the happy faces on these pups who were once sad and stuck in cramped cages with no one to cuddle on them.

1. “My ex worked at the SPCA and refused to let this piglet be euthanized, so she took him home. She did an amazing job.”


2. From skinny and balding to beautiful and healthy


3. These two started out in the same cell, and then they were rescued together


4. Before and after adoption

Claudia Sigumjak

5. This Cocker Spaniel named Roxy was left at a shelter to be euthanized. Months later, she was rescued and is now living the good life!


“In the fall of 2018, she came to the rescue Second Chance Cocker Rescue as a stray that had been surrendered to be euthanized at a shelter in Southern California. Even though she was in REALLY rough shape, the rescue decided to take a chance on her.

She showed years of neglect: both of her eyes were bulging from glaucoma and she was completely blind (she lost her left one even before her first surgery), her coat was not only matted but she had a painful skin condition that had gone untreated, she had an ear infection for so long that the vets thought she was deaf, she was missing half an ear, had a poorly docked tail, and worst of all were the tumors that covered her body. 

Even though its been a rough start for her she seems to really enjoy her new home. She is really a very sweet girl, and I’m happy to have her!”

6. These pictures were taken just 4 hours apart – at the shelter vs. at her new home, what a difference a home makes!


7. First pic: Ripley at 6 months in Iran, Second Pic: Ripley is a 1 year old in his loving forever home in the US


8. Wynter went from living on the streets to living the good life


9. Before and after adoption

Bored Panda

10. This little nugget was found in the jungle of Mexico in terrible shape. A local animal rescue foundation found him and nursed him back to health. Today, he has been adopted and is living a happy life all the way in Canada.


11. Roxy went through 5 different homes before finding her forever home.

“We are her 5th home (for no reason except each of them had kids and no time to play with and exercise a dog) and her last. She didn’t trust that we weren’t going to leave her for the first 2 days but now she knows she’s found her forever home.”


12. Now the ‘QUEEN of snuggles’, this dog was once covered in bald patches from fleas and infested with worms.

“She still bears scars from her abusive past. but now, she is the happiest pup who loves to play with her sister and is the QUEEN of snuggles. She is happy and healthy!”


13. Two years ago someone left this dog to die in a park. Just look at her now!


14. The night Pablo was found on the street vs. 1 week after being adopted


15. Dax has come a long way since being found on the streets of Bakersfield


16. Before and after… incredible transformation!


17. Sad Koda Bear the day before adoption and happy Koda Bear a few months after


18. Scarlett was almost put down over a minor skin condition, then she was saved!


19. Scared, sad, and lonely vs. happy, loved, and thriving



20. Before and after

Just look at those sad eyes when he was trapped behind a cage. A loving home makes such a difference!


Adopt don’t shop!