12 Incredible Before And After Transformation Pics Of Dogs Who Were Rescued And Finally Loved

Dogs are resilient creatures with the ability to bounce back from unbelievable hardship, abuse, and neglect. With some food, veterinary care, and a lot of love, dogs can go from the brink of death to a beautiful and healthy animal who couldn’t be happier to be alive.

Need more proof? Just look at the amazing transformation photos below of dogs who have truly been to hell and back.


Barilla was so emaciated she was unable to stand when she was brought to a rescue center in Granada, Spain. After just seven weeks of treatment, and lots of love, Barilla made an incredible comeback.

Albergue de Animales Dog House


When Augustus’ family rescued her in May of 2015, she was full of scabby mange that was so bad you couldn’t even tell what color coat she had. They gave her lots of love, took her to the vet, and used coconut oil to soothe her inflamed skin.

Now, Augustus is unrecognizably beautiful with a thick and healthy coat and no sign of mange!



When coconut was rescued, every bone in his body was sticking out. Within three months, Coconut transformed into the healthiest and happiest pup you’ve ever seen. He especially enjoys lounging by the pool.



Little Dempsey was left tied up in front of a drugstore in Georgia. He had a terrible eye infection and a rancid case of mange, yet there he sat for quite some time before a kind-hearted dog-lover stopped to help.

Dempsey was rushed to Dekalb County Animal Services and later taken into foster care by Stacey Greenwald, a volunteer at Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.

“He was so sad and miserable in his own skin when I first got him,” Greenwald said. “But he bounced back so quickly.”

Today, Dempsey is the happiest and healthiest little ball of joy.



The first picture shows Mila on her way home from the pound, where she was found at only 3 months old with demodectic mange covering most of her body. She also had pneumonia.

Within 2.5 months, most of Mila’s hair had grown back and she “was in full on crazy puppy mode.”



Miley was injured, hardly able to walk and suffering from a bad skin infection when she was found living in a trash pile. Just three months later, she is a beautiful dog living happily in a loving home.



Petra, which means ‘stone’ in Greek, was found on the streets of Athens covered in mange and an infection caused by bugs. Her skin was so bad that she had just about turned to stone and strayed away from all human contact.

A local rescue, Save A Greek Stray, stepped in to help the dog, who they later named Petra.

“I don’t think she had ever been touched by a human before. Not even approached actually,” said a shelter spokesperson.

Petra’s rescuers didn’t give up – they fought hard to bring her back to health and teach her the joys of being loved. Within a few months, Petra started looking and feeling a lot better. Now, she demands rubs instead of shying away from contact.


He didn’t even look like a dog

This guy was so filthy and matted that it was difficult to tell he was even a dog when he was found on the streets of Montreal.

“He could barely move underneath all his matted hair,” according to the Quebec Society for Protection Of Animals.

Just look at him now!

Quebec Society for Protection Of Animals


Kelsey was wandering the streets in pain, starving and infested with parasites that were eating away at her skin. A stranger saw her and somehow coaxed her into his car.

Despite all that she had been through, Kelsey was nothing but sweet and friendly to her rescuers. Her medical team working around the clock to give her the care she needed and within a rather short time, Kelsey healed.



Alex was found starving, eating twigs and rocks to get by. Thanks to the Southern Animal Foundation, Alex was rescued, rehabilitated and placed in a loving furrever home.

Southern Animal Foundation


Hudson’s past is not for the faint of heart. This poor guy was used as bait and set on fire when he was just a puppy. It took months of care for him to recover from burns, mange, skin infections, and bite wounds. We are proud to report, he has since made a complete recovery and is happily living in a loving home.

Today, he is a member of TAF’s dog rehabilitation team where he helps other dogs in need.

Trio Animal Foundation


This lovely Cocker Spaniel was subject to abuse and neglect before coming to the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio. Her transformation is nothing short of amazing!


Source: thinkinghumanity.com