Drone Videos Show American Cities Turned To Ghost Towns Under Lockdown

There are very few, if any, times in history in which American towns have lost their hustle and bustle and turned into ghost towns. If you looked into Times Square or downtown Boston today, you’re seeing a very different landscape than you would’ve a few weeks ago. In its March report, the World Health Organization pleaded with Americans to stay home in an attempt to flatten the curve of new cases, working to make sure that our hospitals and medical professionals will be able to outpace the spread of the virus. These recommendations have clearly taken hold in America’s major cities, as traffic has died down and the streets appear more barren than ever before.


Let’s take a look at how some major U.S. cities are responding to calls for social distance and self quarantine.

Los Angeles, along with many other major cities, has issued “Safer At Home” orders, asking residents who are non essential to stay home. This meant that many businesses closed and the majority of in person operations ended immediately. It also requires that all social events are suspended, and you can be charged a large fine or face prison time if you are caught breaking this order.

In Boston, there is a similar situation as non essential businesses are closed and Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency, alerting its residents that they must stay in their homes.

New York City is perhaps facing the most dire crisis, as the New York Times has reported that the city houses around five percent of all COVID-19 cases worldwide. New York is building a 1,000 bed temporary hospital to try and deal with expectations for an increase in cases, and the city is in a state of emergency. When you walk the streets today, they are a far cry from what they looked like a few weeks ago.

San Francisco residents are under a shelter in place order.

In Las Vegas, their economy is expected to take a major hit as major casinos and tourist attractions are forced to close down.

If you still don’t think that this global pandemic is serious, just read some of the firsthand stories of people infected with the illness:

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