6 Ways You Can Express Your Unconditional Love With Your Partner

People express their feelings and love differently.

What may be the way that you show someone you love them, may not be how someone else expresses it.

There are many ways that someone can show you they love you.

You might not notice it at first, which can cause some confusion or frustration.

If you pay attention, though, you might see that your loved one is showing you how much they love you every day even though they don’t always say it.

Here are 6 ways people express unconditional love.

1. talk about the future

When your partner talks about the future you two will share together, that’s a sign that they love you.

It doesn’t have to be anything about getting married or kids or big commitments, it can be as simple as talking about where to save up and take a trip together in a year or two.

Or, buying tickets for a show that is coming in a few months.

Talking about your future together, or just talking about how you factor into their future such as buying a new car that will fit the both of you comfortably on road trips, is a sign of unconditional love because you’ve become a fixture in their life that they are expecting to be there long term.

They’re making choices with you in mind, and planning things together with you—not just on a week-to-week basis which might be a sign they’re thinking a bit more temporary.

2. keep their secrets

When you tell them things in confidence, they keep it to themselves and don’t share it around or tell all their friends.

You can trust them, but more than that, they clearly respect you and your privacy and the trust you put in them.

Keeping your secrets and maintaining your confidence is a way that someone shows their unconditional love for you.

3. be proud, not jealous

When you succeed and achieve wonderful things in your life, some people might get jealous of your accomplishments and want to diminish them or take them for themselves.

When someone loves you, though, they won’t be jealous they will be proud of you.

They will be proud of how hard you worked for your success, and proud that you finally achieved your goals.

Being proud of you—not jealous—is a sign of unconditional love.

4. Don’t A fight doesn’t break you

The first fight in any relationship is a tough one—even amongst friendships.

You never really know how each other will handle talking out and moving past whatever the fight was about.

Many weaker relationships break after the first fight (or the second, or third) because they aren’t strong enough to withstand your differences and working together to find a compromise.

When you’re loved unconditionally, a fight won’t break your relationship.

You might get frustrated, angry, upset, or just have different view points you feel very strongly about, but in the end you’ll both be able to cool off and will want to find a middle ground.

When you love someone, you want to fix it and work on making things better, not just allow your differences to pull you apart.

5. Be emotionally available

It’s not enough for you to trust them enough to be emotionally vulnerable, they also have to trust you to do the same.

When someone is emotionally available and expresses themselves without holding back, withholding information about themselves, or repressing their emotions, that’s a good sign that they also love you.

They feel comfortable around you and trust you to be themselves and express themselves.

6.  ask for their opinion

If your partner asks for your input or opinion, even on something seemingly insignificant like what shirt to wear for an interview, that’s a sign that they love and value you.

They care about what you think, and they think that your opinion holds weight.

This is a sign of unconditional love because asking for your opinion means not only do they care what you think, but they also want to please you and make you happy by altering things to align with your thoughts more.

There are tons of ways for someone to show you that they love you.

They might just come out and say the words, but for some people that might be difficult.

Whether they shower you with words of affection or not, actions always speak volumes.

These actions can be big or subtle in your everyday lives, but they are ways that prove your partner loves you unconditionally and really cares about you.