See the Hilariously Random Objects People Are Using for the ‘Fake Plane Ride’ Challenge


Have you ever posted something on social media that looked a lot better online than it did in real life? But of course you have – isn’t that what everyone is doing these days?

The latest social media hoax in China takes faking the high life to a whole new level.

Chinese social media platforms are buzzing with the latest ‘Fake Plane Ride’ challenge, which involves using random objects around your house to make it look like you are on a plane.

People all over the world are starting to catch on to the act as well – what a great way to make it look like you’re traveling and living your best life, when really, you’re just on your sofa at home in fuzzy socks.

The fake plane ride challenge started trending around the Lunar New Year – right around the same time billions of people were traveling around the country. Perhaps those who were stuck at home decided they wanted to at least look like they were having all the fun.

All you have to do to take part in the challenge is find a random household object that resembles the frame of a window on a plane when you zoom in. Then, place another object – like a picture on your cell phone within that frame so that it looks like you’ve got an “aerial view” of the ground below.

The above video is easily one of my favorites – I especially enjoy the sound effects he includes at the beginning. Just about anyone would think this was taken on a plane overlooking Mt. Fuji… until he zooms out and laughter ensues.


We’ve seen everything used to complete the challenge – from toilet seats to detergent bottles. You can take a picture or a video, or both, it just has to look realistic until you zoom out to reveal the bleak reality of the photo.


This is just further proof that in our social media world anyone can make their life look like the most exciting thing ever… even if they never leave their house.

In the image below, it appears that the individual behind the camera is flying over a snow-covered city. They appear close to the ground, causing one to assume they are either just taking off or landing.

The view is real, only it’s not seen from a plane, but instead through a plastic stool placed over an ordinary house window.

The lovely lady below appears to be sitting in the favored window seat as her plane takes off.

Instead, she’s hanging out too close to a toilet seat for comfort! The image quickly goes from life of luxury, to life of toilets!

Apparently, the genius videos originated from Douyin (TikTok).

You don’t need a good view or even a smartphone to partake in the challenge. A simple textbook photo is enough to tackle the trick.

Just add a bottle of basic detergent and you’ve got everything you need!

The photos and videos are leaving people around the Internet in shock. “I can’t believe I feel for them!” writes one user. “Some are just so realistic,” comments another.

Looks like someone scored a seat over the wing – which is supposed to be the safest part of the plane.

Never mind… they’re just sitting at their computer!

The creativity never ceases to amaze me… check out the video below to see more.

The funny part about this challenge is that the fakeness of the photo is revealed, which isn’t the case for many social media photos that skew reality.

According to mounting evidence, social media is making people increasingly depressed as they compare their lives to the seemingly perfect stream of photos that appear in our feeds every day.

While the ‘fake plane ride’ challenge is nothing more than a funny social media game, it’s also a sly reminder that much of what we see on Facebook and Instagram is the same type of illusion.

So, the next time you are scrolling through your feed and start to think everyone is living a better and more fun life than you are, just remember this challenge. If only you could see the bigger picture, you’d see a much more similar reality to your own.

In the meantime, go search your house for the perfect object to recreate the ‘fake plane ride’ challenge. A stool, detergent bottle, heck even a toilet seat will do!

Haven’t been on a trip in a while? We won’t tell on you if you pretend you’re going somewhere exciting 😉