This Family Lives In A Tree House That Looks Like A Castle. Wait Untill You See Inside

Would you be willing to live in a tree house? Maybe you had a tree house as a child, one you climbed up with your friends to tell secrets or play games, perhaps you even had a few sleepovers up there.

As a kid, having your own treehouse is quite the luxury, but that doesn’t mean living in a treehouse sounds like fun.

Although we are about to blow that idea straight out of the water, or shall we say trees.

Turns out, some of the most amazing homes around the world are actually tree houses–yes, REAL tree houses!

Instead of being held together by hope, and a few rusting nails, tree houses can be fully functioning luxury homes.

Just check out this project by Blue Forest titled “Living the Highlife Tree House.”

No joke, this home-sweet-home takes the cake for incredible.

Instead of a simple little getaway in the trees, this tree house is designed for a family to comfortably live inside.

With two completely separate lofts, both children and parents have their own spaces to hideaway.


Before entering this class act tree house you must walk across a rope bridge that instantly takes you back in time.

The canopy walkway sways as you approach either the adult or kid quarters. This tree house isn’t just made for living.

If entertaining is big on your agenda, there is an assault course and an adventure play area to make both grown adults and children squeal with wonder and delight.


The adult quarters spare no details, the walls are made from hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards.

Plus who can ignore that gorgeous conical thatched roof?

And while wood floors, walls and ceilings might feel overbearing, perhaps even reminescent of an old-school trailer park, one look at the wooden details displayed in this tree house is enough to change your perspective.


While the kids might not notice every last incredible detail about the construction, there are plenty of other wonders for them to take notice of.

Like the fact that instead of a play area with four simple walls, the kids that reside here have the ultimate prop for imaginative play: their very own castle.

The kid’s quarters include a sprawling (and separate) treehouse castle with 3 peaked towers reminiscent of medieval days.


Kids can also enjoy swinging in and out of the secret trap door which leads to a gaming room fit for a princess or prince.

When the kids start feeling bored of the indoor activities, they can take their laughter outdoors and swing across the eighty-yard zip line installed outside.

As if a zip-line isn’t cool enough on its own, on the other side of the zip line awaits an assault course for even more actively enchanted play time.

Just because this family lives in the trees doesn’t mean they skip out on any of the classic comfort amenities.

The tree house castle includes a fully working kitchen, bathroom, and perhaps just as important, a full screen TV.


The house isn’t just made out of one tree, instead several trees play a part in the construction of this elaborate tree house estate.

While you’re inside it’s not easy to forget where you are, especially considering trees are included inside of the treehouse as well, reminding all occupants that even with gaming consoles, televisions, and a fully loaded fridge, they are living as one with nature.


Blue Forest is known for making all types of structures, but they are best known for their incredible tree houses fashioned straight out of your wildest dreams.


Now would you consider living in a tree house?

Photo Credits: Blue Forest