Artist Makes Giant Wooden Trolls And Then Hides Them Throughout The Belgian Forest

If you find yourself walking through the right part of the Belgian forest, you just might come across a wooden giant.

Thomas Dambo, a talented artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been building giant wooden trolls and then hiding them throughout forests and wilderness areas in Belgium, and all around the world.

Dambo relies on recycled materials to craft all of his masterpieces. His goal is to highlight the potential of materials that often go to waste.

“By doing this, I hope to lure people away from concrete cities and computer screens, into the wild and reconnect them with the natural world.” In addition, Dambo strives to reduce discarded waste that threatens our natural world.

His massive trolls hidden in the woods are part of a fairytale project called “The 7 Trolls and The Magical Tower.” Keep scrolling to see his incredible work.

His creations are shocking, beautiful, and mystifying, all at once. They are also HUGE.

The massive wooden trolls measure anywhere from 23 to 59 feet (7 to 18 meters). The tower is an impressive 56 feet (17 meters).

Largely based on folklore and fairytales, his sculptures cause the mind to wander to fantastical places.

“Since I was a child, I always loved to hear different fairytales and folklore stories, and dream myself away into magical worlds filled with dragons and trolls,” the artist writes.

When he was a teenager, he started writing raps, releasing records, and touring. During which time, he was creating his own universe filled with his own unique stories.

His latest project combines all of these talents and more – “Recycling, Rapping, Nature, and Sculptures.”

“It’s a fairytale, told through sculptures and words, hidden in a forest, all made of recycled materials.”

The tower took Dambo, along with a crew of fifteen people, a total of 25 weeks to construct. At 59 feet tall, it was no small task!

The tower, and some of his most impressive creations, can be found by traversing through the Belgian forest.

All of the wood is recycled and largely comes from supermarkets, pallets, and fallen trees.

He finds most of his materials in city dumpsters. He hopes this inspires more people to do the same, and to see trash as a resource.

He doesn’t just make massive trolls and towers hiding out in forests. Dambo is commissioned to make all types of beautiful things, from furniture to big and small interior designs. His work is inspired by his surroundings and the people around him.

He has a variety of projects around the globe – like The Future Forest (pictured below) located in Mexico City.

Over the course of two months, Dambo and a team made up of 700 students, 100 volunteers, pepenadores and their children, an orphanage and an elderly home, transformed 3 tons of plastic waste into a colorful 500m2 forest bursting with trees, plants, flowers and animals.

In addition, he has another troll installation in South Korea titled “Mountain Trolls,” it features 5 trolls and is the second chapter of Dambo’s ongoing recycled troll project.

Happy Kim (pictured below) is one of the five trolls. If he were standing upright he would measure over 42 feet (13 meters) tall.
As for the trolls of the Belgian forest, the story begins…

“They were seven good friends both together and alone

By the river in the valley in the forest they had home

They had seen the sun set and rise a million times

The seven trolls stood as tall as the pines…”

“Una and Joures were friends for life and like to lay in the grass

Watching the skies crawl by telling stories about the past…”

“Mikill was strong as a dragon and always on his way

Kamiel was wearing a mask a new for every day”

The artist acknowledges that it might sound a bit confusing at first, and so he’s created a video to help highlight the nature of his artwork. You can watch the video below.

The story goes as follows…

Learn more about Thomas Dambo by visiting his website.