‘Healthy’ dad, 39, with coronavirus recorded ‘goodbye video’ for wife and child as he watched patients die around him

This past week, the story of a heartbreaking goodbye video created by Matt Dockray, 39, went viral. Dockray is from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and is currently hospitalized with COVID-19. He has bravely been sharing his story through Facebook, where he emphasizes the social responsibility we are all carrying, and highlights just how important it is that we all stay home.

Dockray says he had been sick for three weeks in the period prior to his hospitalization. He remembers that it began as a small cough, which was not too alarming. As time went on, he began to develop chills and a fever. He said,


“Day by day, I felt hungover and like crap, but I carried on like a true hero, ignoring every bit of family advice”.

Dockray says that his doctors had asked him if he’d traveled to China recently, and when he replied that he hadn’t, they seemed to dismiss his case and decided to just put him on antibiotics in case of a bacterial infection. Like many others a few weeks ago, Dockray did not realize how quickly the virus was going to spread and how severe its effects would come to be.

As he felt his condition worsen, he began to realize that something was wrong. It was not until his wife had to call the ambulance when he began having trouble breathing that Dockray says he acknowledged that his condition had clearly developed to COVID-19.

He recalls,

“Within an hour, I was blue-lighted into a military operation, where doctors in hazmat suits told me that they thought I had Covid-19 – and that I was critically ill.They were going to call my wife and family and explain that I would have to be put to sleep, and then put on a ventilator, as my lungs were failing and would be going into respiratory arrest.”

During his time in the hospital, Dockray says that it was like watching a horror movie; every hour someone would come in with COVID-19 symptoms just as someone was passing away from it. He watched families saying goodbye and began to fear that he soon would have to say goodbye to his own. That led him to create the heartbreaking goodbye video that he recorded to leave to his wife and kids during the days where he thought he wouldn’t make it. He remembers, “I nearly gave up due to the pain and the fear”.

Dockray is still in intensive care, but was able to fight through the period in which the doctors believed his lungs were going to fail. Dockray is now calling upon those who are still going out to stay home, and that everyone needs to pay due attention to their own bodies. If you feel that something is wrong, take it seriously. Taking these precautions and seeking medical help at the first sign of COVID-19 will allow us to save not only ourselves but also who we love.