This Silly But Spot-On Guide Will Help You Identify Famous Painters By Their Art

Is it Van Eyck, Dali, Rembrandt or Da Vinci? You may know the famous painters by name, but can you match that name with their art?

It’s no easy task, and to be perfectly honest, the only I’ve got down is Picasso. That was until I discovered this nifty little guide that shines a hilarious light on how you can identify the most famous painters from history by their artwork.

You can officially use this guide to sound like a true art history buff, impressing your friends and family around the dinner table. The best part is that unlike an art history lesson, this guide is funny!

1. If everyone has some sort of body malfunction, yep, it’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso


Pablo Picasso was no one-trick pony – he was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright.

2. If the painting is filled with little people and a lot of crazy nonsense, it’s Hieronymus Bosch


We have Redditor DontTacoBoutIt to thank for most of these art tips. Sadly, their Reddit account appears to be dead at this point but their tips are far from extinct.

In fact, the Internet is loving them! On Imgur alone they have over 1.17 million views and 8,800 upvotes.

3. If the subjects resemble hobos under a dim streetlamp, it’s Rembrandt Harmenszoon Rijn


Rembrandt is largely considered to be the greatest visual artist in the history of art, as well as the most important in Dutch art history.

4. If it reminds you of your last acid trip, it’s Salvador Dali


Dali is best known for the striking and bizarre images featured in his work. His painting skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters.

5. If every subject, women included, looks like Putin, you’re looking at the work of Jan Van Eyck


Born in 1390, Eyck remains one of the most significant representatives of Early Northern Renaissance art.

6. You know it’s Leonardo da Vinci if the landscapes look like Lord of the Rings with weird blue mist and the same wavy-haired aristocratic-nose Madonna


Born in 1452 in Anchiano, Italy, his full name was Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, but he is more widely known as Leonardo da Vinci.

At just fourteen years old, he began a nine year apprenticeship under Andrea del Verrocchio, a popular sculptor, painter and goldsmith.

7. Are all of the subjects beautiful, naked and stacked? Then it’s Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni


Michelangelo was born in the Republic of Florence, and exerted an unmatched influence over the development of Western art.

8. Dappled light and unhappy party-time people, it must be Edouard Manet


Manet was one of the first 19th century artists to paint modern life. In addition, he was an important figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

9. Dappled light and happy party-time people, it’s Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Auguste Renoir was a French artist who is well-known for leading the way in the development of the Impressionist style.

10. If there’s a ballerina or two, it’s Edgar Degas


French artist Edgar Degas is famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. More than half of his work features dancers.

While he was considered one of the founders of Impressionism, he considered himself to be a realist.

11. Dappled light but no people, it’s Claude Monet


Born in 1840, Monet was a French painter and the founder of French Impressionist painting.

12. Dark backgrounds filled with people wearing tortured expressions? It’s Titian, aka Tiziano Vecellio


An Italian painter during the Renaissance, Titian is considered the most important member of the 16th century Venetian school.

13. Excel sheet filled with colored squares, it’s Piet Mondrian


Born in 1872, Mondrian was a Dutch painter and theoretician. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

14. If the painting is filled with lots of little people but otherwise appears normal, it’s Pieter Bruegel


Pieter Bruegel the Elder is considered the most significant artist of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting.

He is well-know for his landscapes and peasant scenes, as he pioneered the way in making both types of subjects the focus in large paintings.

15. If everyone in the painting has a big booty, it’s Sir Peter Paul Rubens


Born in 1577, Rubens was a Flemish artist and is considered the most influential artist of Flemish Baroque tradition. His work highlights erudite aspects of classical and Christian history.

16. If the painting features a uni-browed woman, it’s Frida Kahlo


At last, a woman on this list of historically famous painters! Born in 1907, Frida was a Mexican painter. She was greatly inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico, as well as her country’s popular culture.

17. If the men resemble cow-eyed curly-haired women, it’s Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio


Caravaggio’s paintings combine a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional. He was an Italian painter active in Rome, Malta, Naples, and Sicily between 1590 and 1610.