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Are you planning a vacation?

Unsure where to go?

Let your zodiac sign guide you!

Here are the best places to go, according to your star sign:


The thought of a relaxing vacation isn’t actually so relaxing for you, and lazing around on a beach bores you to tears.

You love being physically active, so a trip with opportunities to hike, sail, or even take part in a competitive sport will suit you.

You are a keen explorer, so an expedition to a remote, even dangerous part of the world will excite you.

Road trips will also hold a strong appeal.


As someone with a well-developed sensual side, plus a deep love of stability and planning, your ideal vacation is luxurious and unhurried.

A few days at a spa or high-end resort are good choices.

You love fine food and wine, so make sure there are excellent restaurants nearby.


A trip to a bustling city with lots of cultural attractions will appeal to your intellectual side, and will give you plenty to talk about with your traveling companions.

Day trips to art galleries, museums, and sites of historical interest will be perfect for you.

You are probably close to your family and love to catch up with friends, so group holidays are a great option.


You love extravagance, and spending lots of money on fine hotels and first-class travel doesn’t faze you.

A luxury cruise or tour of a beautiful country would be a perfect choice.

You appreciate the arts, so a trip the incorporates a few visits to the theater, the ballet, or art galleries is another option.


You are a homebody, and the idea of vacationing in an exotic, far-flung destination holds little appeal.

Staying in a new town or city in your own country will probably suit you better.

As a water sign, you like coastal locations, so renting a cottage by the beach with your family may be your perfect vacation. 


A mature, helpful sign, you take responsibility and sustainability very seriously.

A camping trip or stay in an eco-friendly hotel is a good fit.

As a lover of the outdoors and nature, staying in and around beauty spots will soothe your soul.

You are a sensitive individual, so you should avoid noisy resorts and tourist hotspots.


You are a social person and love the chance to meet new people, so you would enjoy visiting a busy resort, spa, or retreat.

A guided tour around a new country or city would give you the intellectual stimulation you love and need, plus the chance to make some new friends.


Your need for privacy means that secluded hideaways and little-known places hold a strong appeal.

You tend to see vacations as a chance to relax and recharge, so usually prefer to travel alone.

You are a water sign, and prefer to be near the ocean if possible.

If you want to stay in a city, pick somewhere with a dark and mysterious history;

Scorpios are known for their love of the macabre side of life. 


You are full of energy and can be quite impulsive, so a trip that offers you a mix of sports, cultural attractions, and the chance to meet new people will be perfect.

You are a natural trailblazer, and will jump at the chance to go hiking, paragliding, bungee-jumping, and anything else that gives you an adrenalin rush.   


In your opinion, a vacation should be well-planned, and nourish the mind.

You enjoy putting together itineraries almost as much as the vacation itself.

You need lots of intellectual stimulation, so a region with lots of museums and landmarks will work well.

You have a taste for the finer things in life, so look out for acclaimed restaurants and interesting, high-end shops.


One of the most curious signs in the zodiac, any vacation that involves exploring a destination far off the beaten track excites you.

At the same time, you can enjoy sedentary pastimes, as long as they offer mental stimulation.

This means you are one of the most flexible of all signs when it comes to vacations; you can appreciate almost any attraction or activity.


A relaxing vacation near the coast or beside a lake will satisfy your need to be near water.

As a deeply spiritual sign, you will find meditation and yoga retreats rejuvenating.

You are quite happy to sit in a hammock for hours on end, daydreaming and snoozing in the sun. You’ll feel at home on a tropical beach. 

What if you’re traveling with someone else?

If you are going on a solo trip or with someone born under the same sign, picking the right spot should be straightforward.

However, if you are taking a vacation with other star signs, you’ll need to compromise.

Take everyone’s preferences into account if you want to be assured of a fun trip with no arguments.

It’s possible for all signs to travel together, but it’s important to be aware that they favor different activities.