Instagram Influencers Thought This Toxic Dump Was A ‘Beautiful Lake,’ Now They’re Getting Sick

Social media influencers are visiting a seemingly beautiful lake in Spain hoping to score a great pic and some likes. Instead, they are being hospitalized with skin rashes and illnesses.

Located in Galicia, Spain, Mount Neme was once a high-value tungsten mine but it’s been an abandoned quarry for years.

Social media has taken over the lives of the 800 million people who go on the site every single month, and even more so, the 500 million people who check Instagram every single day.

Yet, no one has had their lives infiltrated by social media like those trying to become, or already succeeding as, an Instagram influencer.

People who care more about how they look on the Gram than what their life is really like are not hard to find these days. It’s scary but true.

It seems people will stop at nothing to get that perfect shot that makes their life look ideal, bring on the likes and the follows!

Some social media users have stooped to a whole new low, and some without even realizing it, endangering their health for a picture in or near what appears to be a beautiful lake in Spain.

In reality, the turquoise lake tucked between towering hills is a toxic waste dump.

The foreign newspaper Cope has reported that Mount Neme is the site of an old mine. During World War II, toxic waste from the mine ran off into the lake and was then left abandoned for years.

All this time, no one has really gone near the lake, although Galicia has used photos of the area to promote tourism – assuming no one would actually find the spot and go in the lake…

Despite the toxic waste lurking beneath the surface, the water appears a breathtaking shade of blue that looks anything but harmful to your health, thus tricking many Instagramers into taking a dip in hopes of getting a great picture their followers will like.

As more and more people geotag the gorgeous body of water, more and more people are influenced to visit the area. Some have even gone so far as to get in the water.

Many of those that went in the water ended up in the hospital due to skin irritations and burns. Others reportedly suffered exposure to lead or aluminum, which can dramatically impact your overall health in the short term and long term.

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Officials are now trying to ban entry to the area to stop others from going in or near the toxic lake.

There is concern that people will get hurt on the sharp and jagged rocks that surround the water, and/or become sick from the water if they go in.

According to medical experts, if you enter the water for a short time you will encounter “minor skin issues.” If you ingest the water, there are a variety of health issues, including digestive disorders, that can occur.

Young children are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead, and may suffer profound and permanent adverse health effects, including to the development of the brain and nervous system.

Frightening fact: your body will store lead in your teeth and bones where it’ll accumulate over time.

Lead has been identified as one of ten chemicals that are of major public health concern.

Extrafortedia recently posted this pic showing skin irritation and a minor burn from the lake:

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The frightening facts don’t seem to be stopping people from visiting the beautifully toxic dump. A search of the geotag on Instagram brings up photos posted at the site as recently as 4 hours ago.

That’s because being a social media influencer is big business and getting a lot of likes is more important than anything else to some people.

After all, there will be an estimated 32.2 million sponsored posts on Instagram this year alone. With some macro-influencers making upwards of $15,000 per post.

Celebrities make even more than macro-influencers – it’s rumored that Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez make around $550,000 for every sponsored post.

Yet, those numbers pale in comparison to what Beyoncé gets paid to promote a product. It’s rumored that she makes up to one million dollars per post. Trust us, you won’t find Beyoncé at this lake – no way, no how!

Most of the people posting pics at the site get around 400 likes at the most, which means they aren’t even getting paid to risk their health… they’re simply trying to get instafamous. Is it really worth it?