‘Instagram vs. Reality’ Thread Reveals The Truth Behind All Of Those ‘Perfect’ Pics

We already know that the life people portray on Instagram is as far from reality as one can get.

Instead of what someone’s life is really like, Instagram portrays what people want their life to look like. And, of course, most of us want to look like we are perfect, good looking, and living our ‘best’ life.

This ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ thread on Reddit drives that point home like none other – and made me feel so much better about my own not-so-perfect life.

All too often we get caught up thinking if we only spent more time in the gym, ate fewer Doritos, or bought more expensive makeup, we too could look as good as the people we see floating around on the Gram.

The truth is that those perfect pics are not natural, they are made using the slimming features on the FaceTune app or the skin-smoothing effect of Snapchat filters. See what we mean below…

This appears to be a casual picture snapped on the beach of two women with perfect bodies… check the tagged pics for the reality of the situation – perfectly normal bodies.


Never believe what you see on Instagram! The differences are incredible…

Before seeing the ‘real life’ outtake, you might have unfairly compared yourself to this woman – wondering why you can’t get a flat tummy like hers along with some juicy thighs and plump breasts.

You might have blamed your inability to afford plastic surgery – think again, you too could look like this RIGHT NOW – all you need is to pose properly and buy the right $5 editing apps.


Behind every photo like this stands hours of make-up, filters, and edits

And yet she was beautiful – arguably more beautiful – before she made herself look like a creepy, fake doll.


Our obsession with looking ‘perfect’ has breached into 100% unnaturally creepy territory

No one should have shoes bigger than their head or legs that look boneless.


It’s not just women who are falling prey to the madness – men are in the trap too.


As much as everyone wants to look perfect – people actually like you more when you look relatable.

It’s refreshing to see the celebrities we admire looking like normal people – hence why US Magazine has an entire section of their mag dedicated to “celebrities they are just like us.”


We idolize and respect celebrities, and so it’s reassuring to see that they are humans just like we are.

Magazines with headlines advertising “Kim Kardashian’s skin issue” or “Oprah’s weight battle” sell because they let us know that even celebrities have issues, just like us.


To make matters worse, now we see ‘everyday people’ on Instagram looking more perfect than ever and that can really mess with our self confidence. Until you realize it’s all an illusion…

Luckily, not everyone feels the need to portray perfection and make everyone feel bad about themselves in the process.

For instance, Swiss blogger the_truth_is_not_pretty has made it her mission to post ‘Instagram-ready’ photos beside ‘reality outtakes’ to prove to the world that even the most perfect looking people are just like you and I – only they take a lot more time to edit their photos and perfect their poses.


Makeup artist shows the power of facetune

No, buying more expensive makeup is not the answer to erasing pores!


Even Kim has pores


Learn to look for the subtle signs that a photo has been altered, this will help make you feel better.

Like this campaign photo for “Good American,” which features some pretty amateur Photoshop skills  


Extreme fillers (did someone say Kylie Jenner?) may look good in a touched-up photo, but in reality they can look pretty scary…

Lip fillers on Insta vs photographed IRL by the Paparazzi



Instagram pic vs. still shot from a video that same day


The Kardashian’s are loved by many and hated by many, but no matter where you stand in the love-hate debate, they are a part of the problem…

“Who are these people?” 


The photo she wants you to see vs. tagged photo


“Instagram picture vs. interview two weeks apart”


Another way to tell if a photo has been altered – look for distortions in the background

Case in point: “Body so hot the Colosseum and the fence gets distorted”


Clearly, those calves couldn’t support that booty…


If you’re going to photoshop yourself, just make sure your friends do the same… or else you’re going to get caught


Even the First Lady is a ‘victim’ of Photoshop

This is Melania Trump’s official White House portrait


And now you’re going to tell me that hand lines are a no-no?!

What are palm readers to do?


Posted Instagram pic vs. tagged Insta pic… “It was untagged real quick”