6 Things All INTJs Will Understand

Just 2% of the general population fit the INTJ personality profile.

If you are an INTJ, you probably find it hard to relate to others.

The INTJ personality is complex, and you’ll have noticed that most people find it hard to understand the way you think.

Although there are several major advantages that come with an INTJ personality – a high IQ and skill for problem-solving being the most widely acknowledged – it’s far from easy to make sense of your contradictory traits and talents.

Here are six things every INTJ will understand:

1. Moving from an abstract concept to a practical idea is the most rewarding thing you can do:

INTJs are big-picture thinkers who love to play with ideas.

As an INTJ, you are blessed with the ability to understand abstract and philosophical concepts.

Not only that, but you have the knack of using these ideas as the basis for practical solutions.

This skill makes you a visionary thinker and innovator.


It’s no surprise that INTJs often do well in scientific fields.

However, it’s often hard to explain your thought processes to non-INTJs, who may be mystified by your non-linear thinking style.

Learning how to communicate your thoughts – perhaps by writing them down rather than talking about them – can help bridge the gap.

2. It’s great to spend time by yourself:

INTJs are introverts, meaning they get more energy from time alone than time spent with others.

This doesn’t mean that INTJs don’t have friends – if you fit this personality profile, you probably have a few close pals – but if they had the chance to live on a remote island for a few months with just their thoughts for company, they’d probably take it.

They typically love quiet libraries, laboratories, and quiet nature spots.

3. Logic is awesome, but it doesn’t always work when it comes to relationships:

INTJs have a reputation as being aloof, indifferent to other people, and inclined toward logic over emotion.

This isn’t entirely unwarranted.

If you are an INTJ, you like to remain objective in every area of your life, including your relationships.

This can make you appear a little cold.

However, as INTJs gain life experience, they realize that emotions can be quite useful after all!

As an INTJ, you’ve probably come to accept that rational thinking won’t always help you build a sound romantic relationship.

Sometimes, we just fall in love for no apparent reason.

One of your challenges in life is to give into your emotional side from time to time.

4. Intelligence can be a burden:

An INTJ personality is usually accompanied by a high IQ.

On the whole, this is a massive advantage.

However, you might find it hard to switch your busy brain off, and this can cause you to become overly stressed and anxious.

You may also find it hard to relate to people of average or below-average intelligence, which can limit your options when it comes to dating and friendships.

5. Goals are everything:

INTJs love to make short and long-term goals.

They believe in five-year plans, tight deadlines, and packed schedules.

No wonder, then, that they get so much done and have an enviable reputation for efficiency and independence.

If you are an INTJ, you hate the idea of taking a day off to “do nothing.”

6. A tidy environment reflects a tidy mind, and inefficiency is extremely annoying:

Most INTJs insist on keeping their homes and workplaces clean and well-organized.

If an INTJ is too busy with their work to spend their time and energy cleaning the house, they will outsource the job.

INTJs have no patience for people who can’t be bothered to organize themselves, and they become angry with colleagues who take a laid-back approach to work projects.

To the INTJ mind, anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability.

To be an INTJ is a mixed blessing.

On one hand, you have a sharp intellect, lots of mental energy, and an independent streak.

You don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back.

Once you make a decision, very little will stand in your way.

You are likely to meet your goals, and have the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

On the other side of the equation, you will need to work on your emotional intelligence to get the most from life.

This can be so tough that some INTJs assume that they are doomed to a life of loneliness and social awkwardness.

If this sounds familiar, there’s good news!

Your talent for picking up new skills means that, with practice and a willingness to read up on healthy relationships, you can develop friendships and romantic relationships that will make you a more well-rounded individual.