You Can Visit This Island Filled With Friendly Wolves At A Sanctuary Near Vancouver

Picture yourself frolicking through the woods with one of the largest wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest by your side. If you happen to be near Vancouver, this dreamy scenario could be your reality.

Predators of the Heart Sanctuary invites visitors to come hang out with the wolves for an exclusive two-hour Wolf Encounter Experience. All you have to do is book your adventure through Airbnb.

The tour kicks off when you meet Max and Kakoa, the four-legged wolf ambassadors of the sanctuary. These two beautiful creatures will guide you through the sanctuary’s 10-acre compound, where there is so much to see and learn.

Rest assured, you’ll also have an experienced wolf handler and human guide by your side.


The tour is filled with fascinating facts about wolves and how they act in their natural habitat.

Plus, meeting wolves in real life will let you get to know their dynamic personalities first-hand.

If you’re envisioning fences separating you from the wolves, think again. You’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures – even stealing a kiss or two.

Instagram photos? Yes please! The sanctuary makes sure to set you up for Instagram-success. There is a special part of the tour where the guides create ideal opportunities to get photos of visitors interacting with the wolves.

Take a look through the sanctuary’s tagged Instagram photos and it’s clear to see people score incredible photos with these beautiful beasts.

You might do it for the Gram – but the mission at heart is so much bigger than a fabulous picture could ever capture. Predators of the Heart is all about animal conservation and giving these wolves a safe and happy space to call home.


The tour is $200 per person, which isn’t bad for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this. Not to mention, your money helps save wolves and fund the sanctuary’s awesome mission.

Predators of the Heart is dedicated to working towards wolf conservation, exotic animal rescue and wildlife education.

The organization was founded by Dave Coleburn in 1998. “I remember my parents saying go outside and play. So I did, it was then I came to love and respect nature,” Dave writes on the sanctuary’s official website.

The sanctuary is licensed and insured by the USDA to ensure animals are properly cared for and humanely treated.

“Our goal is to educate children about wildlife, not only to teach the facts about the animals, but to use an approach that leads to an appreciation, affection, compassion and respect for these living creatures – to make it clear that an animal’s value is not determined by its similarity or services to humans.”

Apart from nature, us humans cannot survive – this is something deeply embedded in the sanctuary’s message to visitors.


Many of the sanctuary’s animals cannot be released back into the wild, and so they will live out the remainder of their lives in the healthy and safe environment lovingly provided by Predators of the Heart.

Wolves aren’t the only animals they work so hard to save. The sanctuary is also home to foxes, birds of prey, cougars, reptiles, and many other creatures and critters.

There’s even a sloth house where this cutie-pie (pictured below) lives!


Predators of the Heart hosts two tours each day Monday through Saturday. They are closed on Sundays. The AM tour begins at 10 am and the afternoon tour starts at 1pm, for those of you who need your beauty sleep.

No walk-ins are allowed and the sanctuary is not open to the public so don’t forget to book your tour through Airbnb.

The sanctuary is around a two hour drive from Vancouver. It is located on Fidalgo Island, near Anacortes, Washington.


Clearly, this is something every animal lover must add to their bucket list. I know I’ve already added it to mine!