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9 Ways To Show Your Friends and Family How Much You Care

We all know that showing your partner how much you care about them is important for a healthy romantic relationship. But how many of us apply the same principle to our friendships? To keep your bond strong, you need to show your friends that you love and respect them.

Here are 9 ways you can show your buddies just how much they mean to you:

1. Offer to let them vent, uninterrupted:

Is your friend going through a rough patch? Just giving them the space to let off steam is a great gift.

Don’t interrupt, judge, or impose your own opinions.

They’ll probably feel a lot better afterwards. In giving your friend the opportunity to talk about their problem, you might help them come to a solution.

2. Send them links, photos, or gifs they will love:

Have you recently stumbled across an article that might interest your friend? Send them a link with a brief note. If you find a photo, gif, or video clip that might make them smile, send it on.

They will know you were thinking of them, and this will make them feel special.

3. Send them a handwritten letter or card:

Social media is great for staying in touch, but there’s something charming about an old-fashioned letter or greetings card. Why not send a note thanking them for their friendship?

If your friend has an aversion to anything “cutesy” or remotely sentimental, just send them a funny postcard with a brief message. It will have the same effect.

4. Always have their favorite snack or drink to hand when they visit:

The smallest gestures are sometimes the most meaningful. If you try to stock up on your friend’s favorite food or drink, you’re sending a clear signal that you want to make them feel welcome. If your friend has a food allergy or intolerance, always have suitable options to hand.   

5. Remember the little details about their partners and kids:

It will mean a lot to your friend if you ask them how their family are doing, how their spouse is getting on at their new job, and so on.

It shows that you really listen and that you respect that they have a life outside of your friendship. Give their kids birthday cards and small gifts.

6. Compliment them in front of others:

There’s no need to lavish them with praise, but an occasional, sincere compliment can go a long way in boosting your friend’s confidence.

If you and your friend are hanging out in a large group, tell stories that highlight your friend’s best traits and triumphs.   

7. Stand up for them:

Is someone teasing your friend, gossiping about them behind their back, or even bullying them? Make it clear that you’re in their corner and won’t tolerate anyone speaking badly of them. It’s easy to stay silent when a friend is being harassed, but true friends always have each other’s backs.

8. Find a book you think they will like and send it to them along with a meaningful message:

If you like sending articles and videos to your friend, why not go one step further and pick out a book you think they’d like? You could choose a title that’s been on their wish list for a while, a new book by their favorite author, or a book that could help them solve a problem they are facing in their life.

If you both love to read, you could suggest that the two of you read the same book then meet to discuss it. Think of it as a mini book club!

9. Celebrate their victories along with your own:

True friends see one another’s triumphs as their own. Envy and resentment have no place in a healthy relationship.

If your friend enjoys a great success, let them know how happy you are on their behalf.

Make it clear that you are always pleased to hear their good news. Allow them their moments of glory. You’d want them to do the same for you.

Don’t just send them a message on social media – at least take the time to make a phone call. Consider sending them a card, a bouquet, or another small gift to mark the occasion. 

Good friends are priceless. If you aren’t already making the effort to nurture your friendships, get started today! It doesn’t take much time or money to show how much you care. You’ll be surprised by how even modest gestures can improve your relationships.