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Do you suspect that the man you’re dating is stringing you along?

There are lots of genuine guys out there, but the dating landscape is also littered with players and time wasters.

Don’t let them mess you around; learn to spot the signs that someone is just using you to boost their ego or spending time with you until someone they like better comes along.

It’s up to you to weigh up their words against their actions, and decide whether they are worth the effort.

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Keep an eye out for these signs: 

1. Their communication is erratic

When someone likes you, they don’t want to risk losing your attention.

If a man wants to impress a woman, he will contact her every day.

It’s that simple!

Occasionally, you might date a man who has developed meaningful feelings towards you, but thinks he needs to play hard to get to lure you in.

Don’t date someone who uses these tactics, because it’s a sure sign of immaturity. 

Some men are happy to text you every day, but only if you initiate the conversation.

This isn’t a good sign, because either they are intentionally playing games in an attempt to keep you guessing, or they just aren’t too bothered about getting in touch.

You will quickly become resentful when you realize that you are doing all the chasing.

This isn’t what a healthy relationship should look like.

Irregular communication is classic “hot and cold” behavior.

One day he might send you lots of messages or talk on the phone for hours, but the next day he might seem completely indifferent to your existence.

He’s actually sending you a crystal clear signal here – you are not a priority, and he isn’t sure whether he really likes you or not.

He might not be over his ex, or there may be another girl in the picture.

Don’t wait around for him to make up his mind.

2. They use your dates as free therapy sessions

Think back to the last time you dated someone you really, really liked.

You probably wanted to create a good impression.

In a healthy relationship, both parties are on their best behavior during the first few weeks.

If a man doesn’t see you as a long-term prospect, he won’t bother concealing his bad moods.

He might use you as an unpaid therapist, airing all his grievances about his colleagues, family, friends, or even ex.

Don’t be fooled; he isn’t developing a deep bond with you and showing a vulnerable side.

You are just playing a temporary role – that of his emotional sponge. 

3. They don’t introduce you to their friends or family

It doesn’t matter what a man says or does – if he doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or family within a few months of dating, he isn’t serious about you.

Don’t overthink this one.

Unless he has no friends and all his family are deceased, there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t show you off to people he cares about.

Even if his family live a long way away, he should still be keen to introduce you via video chat.

4. They refuse to make plans more than a day or two in advance, and have a tendency to cancel at the last minute

Some people are disorganized by nature, but any man who truly wants to impress a woman will set up dates several days in advance, turn up on time, and apologize if he is going to be late.

If they call you last minute to suggest a meeting, particularly if it’s late at night, they probably see you as a hookup option rather than a relationship candidate.

5. They flirt with other people in front of you

Ogling other women when on a date is simply rude, and shows a fundamental lack of respect.

A man might claim he has only eyes for you, but if he stares at other girls, his words mean nothing.

This also extends to online flirting.

If he seems to have a lot of attractive female followers and spends a lot of time “liking” and commenting on their photos, tread carefully.

This behavior suggests that he likes collecting female attention, which doesn’t bode well if you want a monogamous relationship.

Remember, your time is precious

Don’t let immature men waste your time.

It’s pointless to sit around and over-analyze their behavior; all that matters is how they make you feel, and whether they treat you with respect.

If someone makes you feel anxious or unattractive, it’s time to move on and date someone who will show you the respect you deserve.

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