Keanu Reeves Goes Public With His First Girlfriend After Over a Decade

There are millions of women (and men) who dream of dating Keanu Reeves, and with the superstar supposedly single for so long, the fantasy has been easy to keep alive.

We hate to squash your dreams, but it seems Reeves has officially gone public with his leading lady – 46-year-old Alexandra Grant.

Reeves likes to keep his private life a mystery, and so while people have speculated about the pair’s relationship for a while now, this is the first time that rumors seem to have been confirmed.

The couple were spotted holding hands at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles. This isn’t the first time the two have been spotted showing PDA.

The cute couple were spotted together at LACMA Art + Film event in LA


They didn’t just arrive together, they were spotted holding hands with fingers laced, like a real couple.  


Fans instantly started tweeting that the pair must be boyfriend and girlfriend. After all, just look how happy the look together


It didn’t take long for the photos taken on the red carpet to go viral all around the world.

Lucky lady Alexandra Grant is a 46-year-old visual artist who examines language and written texts through painting, drawing, sculpture, video and other mediums. Her public persona is every bit as lovely and open-hearted as Reeves’.

There was some jealously, of course, but most fans were joyful to see Reeves looking happy in a relationship after being single for so many years following the death of his girlfriend Jennifer Syme in 2001.

Reeves has not been seen since then with a girlfriend in public. Still, there have been rumors that Reeves has dated Sandra Bullock and Amanda De Cadenet, among several others, but there’s never been any confirmation on these relationships.

The red carpet event wasn’t the first time the pair were spotted holding hands…


There have been rumors circulating for weeks that the talented duo is a romantic couple.

In mid-October the pair were spotted (and photographed) leaving a sushi bar in LA with their arms linked together.


The pair seem to go back pretty far – this photo was posted to Grant’s Instagram account over three years ago


The pair look so comfortable together because they’ve been seeing each other for quite some time. A source told US Weekly that the artistic duo “have been dating for years.”

“It wasn’t a secret,” the source added. “They have been dating since at least [the] summer of 2017.”

At the very least, they have known one another since 2011 when they collaborated on the actor’s book, Ode to Happiness.

They teamed up again in 2016 to co-create Shadows, a book that includes Grant’s visual art and Reeves’ poetry.


You heard that right, as If you needed more reason to be jealous of Grant, Reeves writes poetry.

It was Grant’s first artist book and Reeves’ first book as a writer. The experience clearly helped bond them closer together.

Yet, is wasn’t until the art and film gala when rumors of their romance seemed to be confirmed.


According to the Daily Mail, The Matrix actor “has never been affectionate with a woman while on the red carpet during his 35-year career.”

Even more reason for fans to freak out when the pair were spotted holding hands on the red carpet.


One fan took to Twitter to write: “I mean seriously, if anyone deserves to find love in this world, it should be this gem of a man whom by all public accounts is — at his core — the embodiment of pure kindness, generosity, and humility. I don’t know Keanu, but I am so happy for him.”

“i don’t usually cry over celebrities, but i love to see my mans happy,” another woman tweeted.


His romance may be keeping him busy, but not too busy to stray away from his day job. The fourth installment in the The Matrix trilogy will start production in 2020, starring Reeves, who will be making his return as Neo.

The actor said the script is “very ambitious.” We can’t wait!