Keanu Reeves Takes Stranded Plane Passengers On An Epic Road Trip

When your plane almost crashes and you get stuck at the airport for hours, you could call it an unlucky day. But… sometimes the unluckiest situations turn into the best days ever.

Especially when a super sweet celebrity like Keanu Reeves just happens to be on the same flight and decides to surprise star struck passengers with the road trip of a lifetime.

Reeves, and many other people, became stranded at the airport on a United Airlines flight headed from San Francisco to Burbank, California.

The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield – that’s around 100 miles away from where it was headed.

Trapped in an empty airport, many of the passengers started to get a little irate with airline staff.

While United was working to come up with a solution, meanwhile, Keanu took it in his hands to keep everyone updated on the situation. He was cool as a cucumber and the farthest thing from upset.

The well-known actor filled everyone in on updates, where they could pick up their bags, and the different travel options that were available to make it to Burbank from Bakersfield.

Several passengers captured footage of Keanu explaining what they could do. He was largely advocating for them to take the shuttle because that would only take about 1.5 hours, whereas waiting for the plane to get fixed could take several hours.

In between giving people the rundown, Keanu posed for pictures with everyone at the airport – making their day and their Instagram dreams come true.

At this point, Keanu could have easily called for a limo to come whisk him away, but instead he decided to take the minibus shuttle provided by United Airlines. He proceeded to turn the ride into a fun road trip for everyone onboard.

People were shocked. Not only were they hanging out with Keanu Reeves, but he was acting like a normal everyday person – even planning to ride the free shuttle alongside every other normal Joe on his plane.


One fan recorded the entire thing, and it has since gone viral. In the video, you can see Keanu showing off his wealth of knowledge about Bakersfield and California at large.

He even started a trivia game on the shuttle driving to Burbank.

In addition, he scanned radio stations in search of local country bands and did just about anything he could think of to keep people entertained and engaged. Now that’s a true performer!

He might be an excellent actor on screen, but he’s also a super entertainer in the living flesh. Where some people would have become super grumpy – wouldn’t you if your travel plans were ruined and your flight was major-delayed? – Keanu truly kept his cool and made the best of the situation.

Keanu Reeves continues to inspire the world with his generosity and kindness. There have been so many stories over the years about how genuine he is, and how he doesn’t act like he’s some ‘too good for you’ celebrity.

While so many childhood stars end up as miserable human beings despite having everything, Reeves proves that isn’t always the case.

Much better than stars like Alec Baldwin who have pitched fits for far less irritating airport experiences. Like the time Baldwin was kicked off a plane when he refused to stop playing Words With Friends and turn his iPad off.  He then threw a total tantrum – and it wasn’t his first documented public tantrum.

At the end of the journey from hell turned magical experience (all thanks to Keanu Reeves), the actor shook hands with several passengers and bid his farewells.

What he did next makes him all the more human – he went to Carl’s Jr. And no, not through the driveway, he walked right on inside. Bless this incredible man!