Kindness makes you the most beautiful person

8 Signs You’re a Genuine and Authentic Person With High Moral Values

There is a lot of social and emotional pressure in our lives.

Everything relies on human connection and interaction from going to the grocery store to our work and our families.

It can be difficult to maneuver all these interactions and remain true to ourselves, without compromising our connections.

It is possible to remain genuine and to still build positive connections and interactions with people on a daily basis without falling into the trap of acting “fake.”

Here are 8 signs that you are a genuine person:

1. You don’t force people to like you.

Of course we all want to be respectful and kind to each other, but odds are we aren’t going to like everyone we meet, and not everyone is going to like you.

Genuine people accept this as a truth and don’t try to force people to be their friends or to like them.

Genuine people respect other’s interests, differences, and judgements.

They aren’t interested in changing everything about themselves or agreeing with opinions or preferences that they don’t just to be well-liked.

2. You treat everyone with respect.

Being a genuine person means that you care about others and how you treat them.

You don’t just treat the people who can offer you something with respect, but everyone that you meet because that is how everyone deserves to be treated regardless of their status or their contributions to you and your goals.

3. You help people.

You genuinely want to help people and do kind things for others.

This can be helping people on a large scale by volunteering because you want to make a positive impact on your community or abroad, or it can be smaller by helping your friends and loved ones through trying times or with moving their couch.

You genuinely care about others and want to devote your time and energy toward bettering them and their lives.

4. You keep your commitments.

Fake people will often offer to do something or be somewhere but never deliver or follow through when the time comes.

A genuine person will keep your commitments.

You may not always be able to hold an appointment, life does happen, but you always communicate what is going on and try to reschedule or make it up to the person.

If you cancel, it is because you aren’t able to follow through, and not because you just lied and told someone what they wanted to hear in the moment without any care as to actually holding to your word.

When you make a commitment, it is because you care and have the integrity to hold yourself to your promises.

5. You mean what you say.

You don’t just flatter people with untrue compliments, nor do you throw your opinion around by casually agreeing with everyone to please them.

You mean what you say and you say it with respect and kindness.

This means that you disagree with people, but you don’t shame them for thinking what they think or call them names for having a different perspective.

You respect their individuality and their right to think differently from you, and you respect your own ability and right to do the same.

This also means that if you disagree with a person or friend’s actions, you will tell them with honesty and kindness.

6. You take responsibility.

We all make mistakes, and a genuine person will own up to it when they do.

A fake person will deflect and place blame elsewhere, but a genuine person will take responsibility for their actions and contributions to a problem or situation.

Not only will they own up to it, but they will also try to take steps toward making things right.

7. You have morals and integrity.

You have your perception of ethics and the gray areas where you are willing to make compromises, but you aren’t willing to compromise your character.

You won’t go along with something that is unethical just because everyone else is, and you are fine with accepting that you may be excluded but it isn’t worth the integrity of your character or moral fiber.

This can mean excluding yourself and speaking up when a group is being disrespectful to others, or when people are discriminating or acting unfairly.

8. You don’t do things for acclaim.

You work hard, and being rewarded and recognized for your hard work is wonderful, but that is not what motivates you.

You don’t decide your actions and motivations based on what will get you attention, rather you make those decisions based on your ethics and goals.

You don’t act so that others will like you or approve of you, but so that you will have a higher opinion of yourself and find your own satisfaction and happiness.

Genuine people don’t feel like they need to prove anything…

or that they need to manipulate others so that they can get ahead in life.

If you are a genuine person, you are motivated by your own goals and the opinion you have of yourself.

You care about other people and all your actions are motivate by respect and goodwill for yourself and others.