Lady Gaga’s Dog walker Severely Shot after Men Stole the Singer’s Dogs

Dog walking has since been a very popular sideline work for a lot of people.

It’s a good way to earn extra cash plus it could be total fun especially if you personally love Dogs!

Apparently, it has been a very popular part-time work for some people as the demand has risen over the years – from simple busy folks to even celebrities!

Due to hectic schedules, a lot of celebrities were known to hire services from several dog walkers to walk their beloved pets from time to time. And most people would dig for the job for the thought of sharing a bit of the limelight.

But shocking events caused a stir in the humble dog walking industry.

Ryan Fischer, 30 years-old, who worked as a dog walker for the famous and renowned music icon Lady Gaga was shot four times last February 24, 2021, at his own home while taking care of the singers three (3) French bulldogs – Miss Asia, Gustavo, and Koji. Fischer was shot four times at the chest just outside his home at West Holywood by two unknown suspects.

Luckily though, policemen arrived just in time to save Fischer who is currently in a very grave condition caused by the life-threatening shots he received. He was barely breathing when the local police authorities found him and sent him immediately to the nearby hospital for immediate care.

However, Koji and Gustavo were unfortunately successfully stolen by the thieves but Miss Asia was able to escape and has run away. Later, Miss Asia was found and recovered by the local Police. Many pictures of the escaped Miss Asia carried by LAPD in a blanket have resurfaced on the internet.

Later on, the dog was later picked up by one of Lady Gaga’s bodyguards.

It was found out that the famous singer was in Italy for a project,  during the time of the incident. leaving the care of her three dogs with her trusted dog walker Ryan.

According to trusted insiders, the distraught singer was very upset about the incident, losing her dogs, and with the shooting incident. Moreover, Gaga doesn’t only see Fischer as her dog walker but a friend as well – that is why the news of his shooting deeply saddens her.

Due to the incident, the singer is offering a cash reward of $500,000 for people who can recover her two stolen dogs, Koji and Gustavo.

The singer had Miss Asia first in 2014, Gaga had Koji in 2015 before getting Gustavo a year later. Gaga has been entirely known to bring her dogs to several red carpet events. Her lovely three French bulldogs were adored by fans and photographers during these events.

The latest development of the incident confirmed that though Fischer was severely shot, he is set for his full recovery.

According to Los Angeles Police Department, the two unidentified suspects were two black men wearing baseball caps who fled heading northbound on Sierra Bonita Avenue riding a white BMW getaway vehicle.

People are speculating whether the incident is a pre-planned attack, however, local authorities could only confirm that a crime took place and they would further investigate the matter as it has been a serious case as it involves the victim to be extremely risked.

Whether the thieves know that the dogs were owned by Gaga or not, the dogs alone are set to be of high market value when sold. According to experts in canine breeds, French bulldogs are generally priced within the range of $1,500 – $3,000 per dog, but pedigrees could even reach up to a high of $10,000 value each.