5 Healthy Life Habits That’ll Help You Live Longer


We all want to live longer. To be able to grow old gracefully and do things well into our old age.

Though the harsh truth is that unless we start now, with better daily habits, we will never be able to reach our golden years. At least not gracefully.

So here are a few simple habits to start implementing in your day that could help you tremendously down the road.


1. Drink Water

It may sound like a funny and obviously simple first habit to mention, ironically it’s one a lot of us tend to forget about.

Throughout our days, while most people will rush and stand in line forever to get their morning cup of coffee, not so many people are taking the time to make sure they get their daily supply of H2O.

Don’t be one of those people


2. List 5 things you are grateful for each morning

You could do this, in a notebook or in your head. The point of doing this exercise in the morning is starting your day off on the right foot of gratitude.

It’s very easy to forget all the wonderful things we have going on in life, so taking some time each day to remember a few of them is a great way of getting yourself in a state of gratitude early, and carry it out through your day.



3. Eat your vegetables!

Make sure you’re getting more than just starch and meat in your diet. A good amount of vegetables in your diet can go along way.


4. Ten Squats when you get out of bed.

If you’re like most of us and one of the millions of people working at a desk for a living, there’s rarely anytime through out the day when we are actively on our feet.

Doing a few squats as soon as you get out of bed is a good quick way to get your legs activated, and help your muscles maintain their retention.


5. Meditate

If you haven’t tried meditation yet, you may think of it as some kind of pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo of reaching a higher state of being…

And while it is, and can be, the science on Meditation is in.

And it helps tremendously, not just on a spiritual level but a measurable physical level too. Meditation can reduces stress, improve concentration and encourages a healthy lifestyle. The practice itself helps to increase self-awareness as well as overall happiness.

In some studies it’s even be showed to slow the aging process as it helps to benefit cardiovascular and immune health.


What are some healthy habits you practice daily?