Lizzo Twerking While Playing The Flute At The BET Awards Is The Pick-Me-Up You Need

Sure, there were a lot of top-notch performances at the 2019 BET awards – but one performance clearly stole the show.

I’m talking about Lizzo’s show-stopping act that started atop a three-tier wedding cake. Not only did the bold singer BRING IT, but it was her first-ever appearance at the award show.

We’ve seen her twerk while playing the flute at the same time in other recent performances of “Truth Hurts,” but there was something extra-special about this show that made her talents pop like dynamite.

Not to mention, this was the first time her mad skills were broadcast to so many people -across every channel on the Viacom network.

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We’re all about saying “screw you” to social norms these days – and Lizzo does just that in everything she stands for. Not to mention, this thirty-one-year-old young lady has clearly put a lot of hard work into putting on a great show that goes beyond entertaining.

Her debut album, Lizzobangers, hit the radio in 2013. Shortly thereafter, she was signed to Atlantic Records and released her second album, Big Grrrl Small World. In April 2019, the world was blessed with her third studio album, Cuz I Love You.

Truth Hurts didn’t top the charts right away, the song rightfully climbed its way to fame after it was used in the Netflix film Someone Great.

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Something tells me it’s going to get even bigger after this performance.

Even Rhianna gives a nod of approval from out in the audience before the show comes to a close.

Some fun facts about Lizzo…

Known for songs like “Juice,” “Boys,” and “Good As Hell,” the signer’s real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson.

“Back in school, they’d call me ‘Mellisso’ or ‘Lizzo.’ Everybody, where I grew up in Houston, would chop off half the name and put an ‘o’ at the end,” she explained.

She is 5 foot 10 inches tall.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lizzo relocated to Houston, Texas with her family at 10 years old. Life in Texas inspired her to start living out her dreams as a rapper.

Back in the day, she used to call into local Houston radio stations and freestyle rap to win competitions while showing off her talents to the world.

She started off rapping under the name Alief, and at just 14, she started a group called Cornrow Clique with her besties.

Struggling with body issues most of her life, Lizzo is now an advocate for body positivity and self-love. Her entire entourage of back up dancers, lovingly known as the Big Grrrls, are all plus-size dancers.

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While performing the song Truth Hurts during a 2019 concert in Detroit, Lizzo revealed that “the person I wrote that song about is from Detroit.”

The song was released in 2017 but didn’t gain serious recognition until 2019. It is now Lizzo’s first top 10 hit in the US.

And, yes, she really is playing that flute! She is well-known for her skillful flute playing. She started playing as a young girl and continued to improve upon her skills into adulthood.

She has said during live shows and interviews that one of the ways she got really good at playing the flute was playing along to the radio.

She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Classical Flute. During her time at the University, she was also a member of the marching band – where she, of course, played the flute.

Lizzo had the “surreal” experience of working with Prince on his 2014 album ‘Plectrumelectrum.’ She said the opportunity was “like a fairytale.” The two collaborated for the song BoyTrouble.

Her body positivity inspires us all…

“My entire life I’ve dealt with that. I’m a very stubborn person, so I’ve spent my whole life trying to make those people feel more dumb for assuming that I should be tired because I’m this size.

I work out five times a week. I drink kale smoothies every day for breakfast. My blood work is immaculate. But I got backfat and I got a belly. Everybody looks different. Everybody has different packaging.

I do this shit so little girls in the future don’t have to worry about this bodyshaming. This bodyshaming in the mass media is holding us back, but it ain’t holding me back.”